10Best Celebrates Wills & Kate's Baby Bump in Places where their Romance Bloomed

  • St. Andrews Scotland - Kate's Spicy Runway Show
  • Bucklebury in Berkshire - Where Kate Middleton Grew Up
  • Marlborough College, Where Kate Studied Before University
  • Wills' School Eton College is near Windsor Castle
  • Westminster Abbey - Where Prince William Married Kate Middleton
  • Seychelles - Honeymoon Spot for Prince William and his bride Kate
  • Island of Anglesey, North Wales - The Newlyweds' Home
  • London's Working Royal Palaces
  • Luberon, France - Where  Paparazzi Overstepped the Line
  • Prince William and his bride, Kate, on their wedding day

    Newlyweds Wills & Kate - Now Royally Preggers!

    The world watched (and sighed) when the late, beloved Princess Diana's eldest son took a bride in 2011.  After two years of wedded bliss, they announced the biggest news of all: a baby on the way! Cue news crews waiting feverishly outside the hospital, the Prince Edward VII in London's West End, where Kate was treated for extreme morning sickness. Will it be twins? What might a boy or a girl look like? How far along is she?

    Photo courtesy of The British Monarchy

  • St Andrews where romance blossomed for the couple

    St. Andrews Scotland - Kate's Spicy Runway Show

    The University of St. Andrews is where Kate and Wills met.  He watched her walk the catwalk during a student fashion show dressed in underwear and black lace!  Apparently, it made a big impression on the future king.  Why wouldn't it? The Duchess of Cambridge is a beautiful young woman. The University itself was founded in 1413, making it the oldest in Scotland and third oldest in the English-speaking world. Coastal St. Andrews is also home to a beautiful and historic golf course, and stunning seascapes.

    Photo courtesy of University of St. Andrews

  • Farm Near Bucklebury

    Bucklebury in Berkshire - Where Kate Middleton Grew Up

    The pastoral English countryside of Berkshire is where Princess Kate grew up.  Bucklebury was the focus of lots of celebrations and TV crews during the royal wedding two years ago.  Pangbourne in Berkshire is where Kate attended Prep School. The village of Bucklebury is situated on the river Pang, to the west of London. The village has royal connections running right back to Edward the Confessor in the 11th century, when he included it as part of his royal manor. Kate's parents Carole and Michael Middleton still live there.

    Photo courtesy of Pam Brophy

  • Stonehenge in Salisbury Plain

    Marlborough College, Where Kate Studied Before University

    Before heading to University, Kate attended the exclusive public school Marlborough College in the county of Wiltshire. The school is coeducational, and is in one of the most attractive market towns in the county. Wiltshire itself is a great place to visit, with rolling green hills and wide valleys.  Salisbury Plain is located in Wiltshire with the famous Stonehenge in the middle of the plain. The county is the gateway to the South West of England, and the delights of Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall lie beyond its borders.

    Photo courtesy of LitasWorld

  • Changing of the guards at Windsor Castle

    Wills' School Eton College is near Windsor Castle

    William went to school a little nearer London than Kate, at the famous Eton.  Eton is just down the road from the historic castle town of Windsor, just a stone's throw from London. Eton is also the alma mater of the current UK Prime Minister, David Cameron; the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson; and the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. Windsor castle and Windsor Great Park can provide a great and inexpensive day out from London, and a trip around one of the smaller Royal castles that are scattered around the UK. On the river Thames, the town is just a short hop from Henley and some great regattas and river life, too.

    Photo courtesy of Martin Pettitt

  • Westminster Abbey

    Westminster Abbey - Where Prince William Married Kate Middleton

    Thoughts of Princess Diana and her beautiful wedding and untimely death were in the minds of many who watched Prince William take a bride.  Their matrimonial extravaganza was beautiful and touching, and the setting - Westminster Abbey - is one of those bucket list places everyone should see before they die. The Abbey itself is steeped in more than 1000 years of history.  Benedictine monks first came to this sight in the 10th century and as well as hosting weddings, the Abbey has been the coronation church since 1066.  It is also the final resting place of 17 monarchs to date, and is a great place to visit, walk around, and take in the history and a sense of awe at the grand facades and amazing architecture.  

    Photo courtesy of HerryLawford

  • Seychelles

    Seychelles - Honeymoon Spot for Prince William and his bride Kate

    The Seychelles was the spot chosen for the very private honeymoon of William and Kate.  It is a popular spot for honeymooners, and is made up of an archipelago of 115 islands, many with beautiful white sand, coconut palms and coral reefs, in the Indian ocean.  The traditional society here is matriarchal and people speak a mixture of French, English and Seychelles creole.  The islands when first 'discovered' were believed to be largely uninhabited, but have been settled by a succession of Maldivian, Arab and African populations. Until the 18th century, the islands were mostly used as a base for pirates working across the Indian ocean.  

    Photo courtesy of Fabio Achilli

  • Anglesey in North Wales has provided a hideaway for the Newlyweds

    Island of Anglesey, North Wales - The Newlyweds' Home

    Wills' RAF Search and Rescue duty is based in Wales, and it is believed that this beautiful, quiet part of the country has allowed them to escape sometimes from the pressures of being in the public eye. The secluded island of Anglesey in north Wales is where Kate and Wills have lived during their first couple of years of life as a married couple.  The actual location of their abode is protected, but apparently they're regular visitors to a local pub, zoom around country lanes on William's red and white Ducati motorbikeand shop at a Tesco market in Holyhead.  

    Photo courtesy of andy_hudd

  • Kensington Palace

    London's Working Royal Palaces

    Clarence House in London is the Prince of Wales' official London residence. It's the largest working royal palace in London and is still officially the home of both Princes William and Harry. However, with a move back to London looking likely, the nearby Kensington Palace, has been designated the new family home of Will and Kate, forming a kind of new 'Royal Court' with Prince Harry who will also move into a flat nearby. Kensington Palace, the main building is open to the public from Monday to Sunday and there is plenty to see, do and explore.

    Photo courtesy of wolfsavard

  • Luberon Region, France

    Luberon, France - Where Paparazzi Overstepped the Line

    This idyllic setting in the south of France was anything but once the royal couple learned that some of Kate's most private moments had been captured on film.  The infamous topless photos were taken at a private villa owned by Viscount Linley, the son of the Queen's sister, Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones, the first Earl of Snowdon.  The region is a favourite with Europeans, who love the rolling lavender fields, the quite pace of life and the delicious food.  Nearby the glitz and glam of St Tropez, Cannes and the Cote D'Azure can pep up your visit and give you that perfect holiday balance.

    Photo courtesy of Andrew Lawson


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