10Best Loves Santa Fe for Romance

  • Canyon Road is Santa Fe's Famed Mecca for Galleries, Dining

    Santa Fe's renowned reputation as an art center is only rivaled by its foodie pedigree.  Historic Canyon Road, its giant cottonwoods shading centuries-old pueblo-style buildings, is a wonderful and romantic place to explore.  A good tip is to park your car in the middle and then explore in both directions by foot.   

    Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

  • Nightfall at St. Frances is a favored time for photographers

    St. Frances Cathedral in Downtown Santa Fe

    Downtown Santa Fe's St. Frances Cathedral is a lovely landmark in the city.  It's also very much a part of the community, hosting regular services for local and visiting Catholics.   Built in the mid- to late 1800s, the church's official name is Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. 

    Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

  • Inn of the Five Graces is one of America's most romantic hotels

    Inn of the Five Graces

    If you want to see the definitely of romance, pop in to the Inn of the Five Graces.  Better yet, book a stay there and be surrounded by the lushest of environments:  one cozy spot after another, all artfully created.  It's a real treat for the eyes, and you'll feel yourself unwinding the moment you arrive. 

    Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

  • No one knows how the Miraculous Staircase was built

    Miraculous Staircase at Loretto Chapel

    Do something mysterious together:  go see the Miraculous Staircase.  Constructed in 1610 by a stranger passing through town, the staircase has confounded engineers, architects and master craftsmen ever since.  It makes over two complete 360 degree turns and has no center support, which is allegedly impossible.   

    Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

  • The La Fonda Hotel Offers Sublime Views at Sunset

    Locals and savvy visitors head to the top of the La Fonda hotel, in downtown Santa Fe, for day's end.  Up top a few select tables and bar stools afford stellar views of sunset over the northern New Mexico landscape.  And having a cocktail with your lover makes the whole delicious event all the more appealing. 

  • Sunsets can be enjoyed from the top of La Fonda

    Sunset View from Top of La Fonda hotel

    Santa Fe is all about vistas, and no matter where you go to find your favorite, you'll likely want to have a camera on hand.  The tops of the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains provide both a scenic focal point or a place from which to view the world.  Either way is great!  

    Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

  • Inn at Loretto in downtown Santa Fe

    Discover Santa Fe's Unique Architecture Together

    The Inn at Loretto, shown here, is a classic example of adobe architecture patterned after the 1,000 year old Taos Pueblo.   Traditional adobe buildings make up Santa Fe's historic downtown surrounding the plaza, but many of the city's homes are also built in this style.  It's hard not to dream about owning a Santa Fe home.  

    Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

  • Dining is Intimate at Geronimo

    While the dining room at Geronimo (pictured here) is lovely, we're actually partial to the tiny bar at this Canyon Road destination.  Other great choices for a romantic evening on Canyon Road include dining at the renowned Compound or taking in a sexy flamenco show at El Farol.  Or head out to Bishop's Lodge for a lovely evening together.  Historic restaurant settings make for an intimate memory.

    Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan

  • Public art is all about in Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Beauty Lies at Every Turn in Santa Fe

    Santa Fe is known worldwide for its art, but you don't have to be a savvy collector to enjoy the many beautiful pieces of public art on display around the city.   Couples do enjoy exploring galleries, however and often take home a visual memento of their trip.

    Photo courtesy of betsyweber

  • Downtown Santa Fe and Cafe Pasqual's

    Every Corner of Downtown Holds Another Discovery

    Strolling through Santa Fe's ancient downtown is a treat for all five senses.   There are amazing discoveries at every turn, from custom boot shops to turquoise jewelry to delicious regional food and live music.  Cafe Pasqual's, pictured here, beckons hungry couples to enjoy lunch or dinner.  

    Photo courtesy of puroticorico