10Best Loves Sedona for Romance

  • Breathe in the Beautiful Scenery Around You
  • Tlaquepaque
  • Native American Arts
  • Lookout Point for Sunset
  • Sedona Nightlife
  • North Fork Trail is an Inspiring Hike
  • Take in Panoramic Views at Sunset or Any Time
  • Creek Beds are Lush Havens of Green Scenery
  • Pink Jeep Tours are a Blast Together
  • Views from Enchantment Resort

    Sedona's Red Rocks are Ever Present

    Whether you're hiking, shopping, lunching or hanging out at your hotel, the beautiful red rocks for which Sedona is famous around the world are there.   Contrasted with northern Arizona's blue blue skies and the lush greenery which grows at this high desert location, Sedona is a colorful and vividly memorable setting.  And there's lots to do together!

    Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

  • You'll have fun photographing the beautiful plant life in Sedona

    Breathe in the Beautiful Scenery Around You

    Sedona's 'high desert' terrain has a wide variety of plant and tree life, from cottonwoods to cactus to apple trees.  Hike Oak Creek Canyon together or climb atop any local rock formation and you'll spy a wonderful assortment of plant life.  Some of the cactus bloom in October and it's a sight to see.     

    Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

  • Tlaquepaque is a perfect destination for couples


    The charming shopping center called Tlaquepaque was built by a developer who flew his own small plane to Mexico to bring back architectural treasures (while it was legal).  Built in the style of a Spanish village, this enchanting enclave holds all sorts of great restaurants, galleries and boutiques you can wander about together.  

    Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

  • Native American Arts

    Native American Arts

    The best part about gallery-hopping with your lover is simply comparing notes.  Do you like the same things?  Can you guess what each other's favorite things are?  Which piece of pottery or art would you hang in your own home?  Sedona's wealth of great galleries makes this a most pleasurable pastime, especially on a cold or rainy day (which is rare).  

  • Lookout Point is the perfect spot for sunset in Sedona

    Lookout Point for Sunset

    See all those locals atop the rocks adjacent to the road up to the airport?  They're smart: Lookout Point offers spectacular 360-degree views of Sedona at sunset.   There are only a dozen parking space, however, so get there early or park at the top of the hill and hitch a ride back down.  Take a cooler, and something to sit on, and cozy up for some of the best views in the city.

    Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

  • Reds at Sedona Rouge resort hotel

    Sedona Nightlife

    For a small city, Sedona has sevearl night spots from which to choose.  One of the most romantic is the lounge at  Reds, in the Sedona Rouge Hotel.  Occasional live entertainment makes Reds even more special, but the food - which is available in the lounge - is off the hook.   Be sure to order the hot crab and artichoke dip.  You'll thank us later.   

    Photo courtesy of D.J. Jenson

  • West Fork Trail is the best hike in Sedona

    North Fork Trail is an Inspiring Hike

    Don't start too late in the day because this is at least a three-hour hike round-trip.  But Sedona's West Fork Trail might be one of the most beautiful things you ever do together.  You'll trek from apple orchards to dense forests and onto rocky strata.  You'll ford creeks on stepping stones.  You'll see hawks.  And all the while, those magnificent red rock canyon walls are stretching high above you on both sides.  Go in fall for extra spectacular color.  

    Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

  • Views are long and spectacular in Sedona, Arizona

    Take in Panoramic Views at Sunset or Any Time

    Sedona has no shortage of amazing vistas.  Ask a local what his or her favorite is, or just strike out on an adventure and see what you find.  Many of the roads on the city's perimeter, such as Upper Red Rock Loop Road, offer jaw-dropping views.  Lookout Point (pictured here) is just off Airport Road, and from atop this point, you can spy many more spots to investigate with your partner.   

    Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

  • Creek at Los Abrigados Resort next to Tlaquepaque

    Creek Beds are Lush Havens of Green Scenery

    Despite being known for red rocks, Sedona has an abundance of green.  At its altitude, Sedona's terrain is rife with plant life and trees and river beds are particularly verdant.  Take a hike along Oak Creek Canyon or explore one of the many small watersheds across the area, such as this creek adjacent to Tlaquepaque.  

    Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan

  • Pink Jeep Tours are the number one attraction in Sedona

    Pink Jeep Tours are a Blast Together

    You'll laugh a lot, gasp a little, and remember this tour forever.  Only Pink Jeep tour guides are licensed to take tour groups up onto the red rocks that surround the city.  You could try to do this in your own car (or rental car) but it's dangerous, so let a pro show you amazing views and a few cool stick shift tricks.  Each Jeep seats seven.  This is a ride you'll never forget!  

    Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson


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