10Best Places to Propose during the Holidays

  • December Proposals Spur Romantic Travel

    The holidays are the most romantic time to propose.  Here we offer 10 great proposal ideas for guys with love on their minds.  

    Photo courtesy of shironosov

  • Get Up High - Seattle's Space Needle

    Getting up high - with a stellar view - sets up the perfect romantic moment.  Seattle's Space Needle is an easy-to-reach affordable option for a highly memorable proposal.  Do it at sunset, of course, and have a hidden ally ready to snap a picture of your surprised girlfriend.  

    Photo courtesy of svetlana57

  • During a Sunset Sail - Captiva Island or Key West

    Key West, Marco Island, Naples, Captiva Island, Anna Maria, Cleanwater Beach . . . find your favorite tropical spot on the Gulf side of Florida.  Then locate the sailing charter which offers a sunset sail.   Now all you need is a ring to make this night the most treasured one she'll ever have.   Be sure to ask the captain to have some champagne on board, and to snap a few pics for you.

    Photo courtesy of Serge Mashtakoff/Flickr

  • Rockefeller Center - New York Cheer

    New York's famed ice rink and its amazing Christmas tree is the epicenter of holiday cheer.  A proposal here - with or without skates - makes for the perfect romantic moment.  Afterward, warm up with some hot chocolate kisses or a hot toddy in a cozy hotel bar.   

    Photo courtesy of petercruise/Flickr

  • In a Church or Chapel - Tucson or Cincinnati

    From the beautiful chapel at San Xavier del Bac Mission in Tucson, to the jaw-dropping interior of St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica in Covington, Kentucky, there's a church with your name on it.   Arrange to be there when no one else will - and pop the question in a serene and inspirational setting.  


    Photo courtesy of tonda

  • On a Pier at Sunset - Clearwater Beach

    The Clearwater Beach City Pier was designed for romance.  It faces west and stretches out over the Gulf of Mexico as the sky slides from blue to pink and orange.  You won't be alone, but that will be part of the fun . . . proposing to your true love on bended knee, as happy spectators get to watch her say yes.

    Photo courtesy of BevoStevo/Flickr

  • In a Jewelry Store - Chicago, Boston, Atlanta

    Why not take your girl to the place you purchased her ring, and let her believe you're taking her there to pick out some earrings?  When the sales person brings out the ring selection instead (or the ring you've already chosen), prepare for the biggest smile you've ever seen.   Choose a store in another city (Chicago, Boston, Atlanta) for an even bigger surprise, and a getaway opportunity.

    Photo courtesy of Dynamic Graphics

  • On a Plane or Helicopter

    Any flight attnedant or pilot would be happy to help facilitate a special request like this.  Spring for first class (including on a short flight) if you want an even more indulgent experience, or choose a city or spectacular scenery for a helicopter ride. When she accepts, you'll have a memorable view to go along with your happy moment.

    Photo courtesy of Nikolay Okhitin

  • In a Spectacular Hotel

    Whatever she she loves most - an intimate boutique hotel in a big city, a lodge with roaring fires, a tropical oceanfront room, or a vintage motel on Route 66 - take her there for the most important question of her life.   Then you have a fantastic place to return to, for a romantic rendezvous.

    Photo courtesy of ruidoblanco

  • In a Horse-Drawn Carriage

    Savannah, Charleston, New Orleans, Central Park . . . there's nothing more romantic than a private, cozy, horse-drawn carriage.  Snuggle with your girl under a blanket then really warm her heart with the big question.   But remember - wherever you choose to take the next step, you're making an amazing holiday memory for the two of you.   Cheers!   

    Photo courtesy of Andrew F Kazmierski