10Best: Reasons Why Your Family Should Splurge on Holiday Travel

Peak Travel Costs More But Is Worth It
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With the pressures of school for kids and the challenge of balancing it all for parents, a family vacation is truly important.
To make the experience even more enjoyable, consider planning your next family vacation around school breaks. Although peak travel dates around the holidays can be more expensive, here are 10 reasons that extra cost pays off:

1. No missed days.


Traveling during assigned school breaks means not missing school for children. Planning trips around school eliminates worry of missing assignments or making up work upon your return.

2. You can plan early.

Since school calendars are completed early, parents can plan family trips around school breaks, and have lots of lead time to do so. Sometimes, booking early can be a way to save money or make sure the first choice of a destination is attainable.

3. Universal breaks.

Commonly, schools have breaks the week of Christmas and the week leading up to Easter. If you're planning vacations with friends or family from other parts of the country, aligning vacation dates are easier during peak weeks.

4. Kids can bring homework along.

A long break can be the perfect time to catch up on reading or completing projects. Packing homework during school-break trips can offer a student both the chance to catch up or get ahead for their return.

5. More programming for children.

Many destinations offer more children’s programming during peak, school-break times. There may be more staff brought in and more things to keep children entertained, while parents do their own kicking back.

Enjoy the winter holidays aboard a cruise ship.Enjoy the winter holidays aboard a cruise ship. — Photo courtesy of Erica Lamberg

6. Cruise ships get festive.

Cruising during the holiday season is especially festive. The ships are decorated, holiday meals are served and there is often holiday programming, like cookie-baking classes. Also, there’s a vibe on board that makes sailing during the winter holidays a special time.

7. Break from the grind.

Long, planned school breaks offer a family a real opportunity to relax and enjoy the family time that many seek. With carpooling, sports and homework, children will relish an opportunity to sleep in, spend time with siblings and catch up with parents.

8. Create lasting holiday memories.

Creating memories isn’t just for mushy parents. Children remember special times when they travel. If the holidays are spent together away from home, they are likely to be to remembered with special appreciation down the road of life.

9. Indulge in just one vacation.

Take just one trip a year, and plan accordingly. Instead of several weekend trips or three-day road trip adventures, explain to the family that savings are being pooled toward one special family getaway. Splurging on a single vacation is a viable strategy if other traveling costs are curtailed.

10. The college connection. 

Though college spring break timing is often different than other school breaks, winter holiday breaks typically match up.  If older siblings are in college, traveling during the peak winter times is a way for siblings to re-connect and spend time together, after one of the kids has moved out. 


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