10Best: Sunbathe in St Vincent & The Grenadines

  • Sunbathe on Bequia's Beaches
  • Paradise on Palm Island
  • Enjoy the Warm Caribbean Waters
  • Island Hop to Your Own Private Beach
  • Mysterious Mustique
  • Sail to Saltwhistle Bay
  • Soak up the Culture in Kingstown
  • Mayreau – The Smallest Inhabited Island in the Grenadines
  • Enjoy a Magical Sunset
  • Tobago Cays

    Tobago Cays – Pearl of the Caribbean

    Just north of Trinidad and Tobago sits the island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a collection of 32 islands spread out in a 40-mile string. Here you'll find idyllic beaches, calm waters, eco-adventures and plenty of luxurious hideaways. The five uninhabited cays that make up the Tobago Cays represent the best of what SVG has to offer, with blue lagoons and colorful reefs.

    Photo courtesy of ctsnow

  • Bequia's Canouan beach

    Sunbathe on Bequia's Beaches

    St. Vincent is the most developed island in the country, but on the island of Bequia, life moves at a slower pace. Come here for luxury accommodation and remoteness, all at a more affordable price than elsewhere in the island chain. The entire island, the northernmost in the chain, is only 7 square miles.

    Photo courtesy of simonsimages

  • Palm Island

    Paradise on Palm Island

    If you're looking for exclusivity, hop on a boat to Palm Island, named by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the 100 best hotels in the world. The private island resort is located conveniently just off the southern tip of St. Vincent, but once you're there, you'll feel a world away.

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  • Swimming in Tobago Cays

    Enjoy the Warm Caribbean Waters

    Water sports enthusiasts of all types will find what they're looking for in SVG. The breezes of the Tobago Cays make for fantastic kite surfing, and the best surfing spot lies on the east coast of St. Vincent at Shipping Bay. Sea kayaking and windsurfing are also on the menu, and the underwater reefs surrounding the islands make for excellent diving opportunities.

    Photo courtesy of Jason Pratt

  • View from above

    Island Hop to Your Own Private Beach

    With so many islands, many of them uninhabited, it's easy to find your own private stretch of sandy, sun-filled real estate for the day. Hop on a boat and head out exploring. If you're visiting from December to April, you may get lucky and spot a school of dolphins or a pod of humpback, sperm or pilot whales.

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  • Mustique

    Mysterious Mustique

    The small island of Mustique is where the world's rich and famous, including Amy Winehouse, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, often vacation. If you've suddenly inherited a small fortune or won the lottery, you'll find unprecedented luxury in Mustique's 70 private villas.

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  • Saltwhistle Bay

    Sail to Saltwhistle Bay

    The hourglass-shaped beach on lovely Saltwhistle Bay sits on an island without an airstrip, so you must sail to get there. Your efforts will be rewarded with very photogenic beaches and calm, swim-able waters. Bring sunscreen and a picnic lunch and make a day out of it.

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  • Kingstown, St. Vincent

    Soak up the Culture in Kingstown

    The capital city of Kingstown serves as the gateway to the rest of the island chain. Many visitors take only enough time to hit the ATM and stock up on supplies before heading out to other islands, leaving a town largely free of tourists and tourist traps. Take a day to explore the cobbled streets and appreciate the 19th century architecture of this major Caribbean port.

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  • Mayreau

    Mayreau – The Smallest Inhabited Island in the Grenadines

    The tiny island of Mayreau, located just west of the Tobago Cays, is a magnet for sailors and yachters who like to drop anchor in Saltwhistle Bay. With only a tiny population of local inhabitants, Mayreau enjoys serenity that will make you want to stay indefinitely.

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  • Tobago Cays Sunset

    Enjoy a Magical Sunset

    There isn't really a bad place to settle in for your St. Vincent and the Grenadines island vacation. No matter which island you choose, you're almost guaranteed postcard-perfect beaches, romantic sunsets and plenty of Vitamin D.

    Photo courtesy of Jason Pratt


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