10Best Visits Downton Abbey Setting of Yorkshire

  • Yorkshire Countryside
  • Haxby Park
  • Downton Railway Station
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Mr. Bate's Prison
  • Downton Abbey Interiors
  • Village of Downton
  • Downton Place
  • Duneagle Castle, Scottish Highlands
  • Criterion Restaurant, London
  • West Wittering, Sussex
  • Highclere Castle

    Highclere Castle

    The British have invaded again, but this time it's through our televisions. The hit drama Downton Abbey has taken the world by storm, and 10Best is taking you to Yorkshire, the setting for all the Downton antics. Highclere Castle served as the exterior filming location for much of the series and has become somewhat of a symbol for the show.

    Photo courtesy of Visit Britian

  • Yorkshire countryside

    Yorkshire Countryside

    While Downton is a fictional town, it's set in the very real Yorkshire County in Northern England. Very little of the series was actually filmed in Yorkshire, but many of its towns – Leeds, Richmond, Ripon, Middlesbrough and Thirsk – are all mentioned by characters in the show.

    Photo courtesy of Welcome to Yorkshire

  • Waddesdon Manor

    Haxby Park

    In Season 2 of Downton Abbey, Mary and Sir Richard Carlisle plan to marry and move into lavish Haxby Park. The exteriors for Haxby Park were filmed at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, a French château long owned by the Rothschild family.

    Photo courtesy of Mark Fosh

  • Horsted Keynes Station

    Downton Railway Station

    Throughout the series, many a character has to make a quick trip to London from time to time, and when they do, you'll see them departing from Horsted Keynes Station, aka Downton Railway Station. The station sits at one end of the Bluebell Railway in a small town in Sussex.

    Photo courtesy of Bluebellnutter

  • Christchurch Cathedral

    Dublin, Ireland

    Season 2's biggest scandal occurred when Lady Sybil decided to marry Tom Branson, the family's Irish Catholic chauffeur. Tom gets a job as a journalist in Dublin, Ireland, and he takes Lady Sybil with him. Scenes from their time in Dublin are never depicted in the show.

    Photo courtesy of Debs

  • Lincoln Castle Prioson

    Mr. Bate's Prison

    Mr. Bates, the former valet of Lord Grantham and husband to Lady Mary's maid Anna, was in hot water at the end of Season 2. He'd been imprisoned for the murder of his late wife, and many of his prison scenes were filmed in the old Lincoln Castle Prison in Sussex.

    Photo courtesy of Mark Fosh

  • West Wycombe Park

    Downton Abbey Interiors

    You may not recognize the outside of West Wycombe Park, but the interiors should look very familiar to any fan of Downton Abbey. Many of the interior shots of Downton and Mrs. Crawley's house were filmed in the town of Wycombe End.

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  • Bampton Church

    Village of Downton

    Lord Grantham holds himself responsible for the people of Downton Village, and many of the village scenes took place in Bampton of Oxfordshire. The Bampton Library was used for exterior shots of the Downton hospital, and Lady Edith and Matthew visited the Bampton Church during a Season 1 episode.

    Photo courtesy of Visit Oxfordshire

  • Greys Court

    Downton Place

    At the beginning of Season 3, Downton was in trouble after a bad investment decision. The family picnics at Downton Place (filmed at Greys Court in Oxfordshire), where they might have been forced to move – heaven forbid!-- if they didn't come across some big bucks quickly.

    Photo courtesy of Dennis Jackson

  • Inveraray Castle

    Duneagle Castle, Scottish Highlands

    The Season 3 Christmas episode takes place in part at Duneagle Castle in the Scottish Highlands, the family's annual vacation spot. The actual castle depicted in the episode is Inveraray Castle, located in Argyll, Scotland.

    Photo courtesy of yolanda.white84

  • Criterion Restaurant, London

    Criterion Restaurant, London

    During the Season 4 premier, Lady Edith and Michael Gregson share their first kiss while dining together at the Criterion Restaurant in London's Piccadilly Circus.

    Photo courtesy of Andy Roberts

  • West Wittering, Sussex

    West Wittering, Sussex

    During the Season 4 Christmas Special, Carson treats the staff of Downton Abbey to a day at the beach, after more than a little encouragement from Mrs. Hughes. The beach scenes were filmed in West Wittering in Sussex.

    Photo courtesy of davidmartyn


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