Beautiful Barns and Where to See Them

  • Pennsylvania
  • Iowa
  • Alberta, Canada
  • Ohio
  • New Jersey
  • Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Wyoming
  • Oregon
  • Massachusetts


    Worchester County makes up a huge chunk of Central Massachusetts. The rolling hills and forests of the countryside surrounding the town of Princeton are dotted with barns, all within easy driving distance from Boston. Visitors to Central Massachusetts can even stay on a farm, shop at local farmers markets or visit an orchard to pick fruit right from the tree.

    Photo courtesy of Elliot Gilfix

  • Farmstead, Muncy Valley, Sullivan County


    Pennsylvania – the heart of Amish Country – seems to have a beautiful barn around every turn. These classic American structures range from simple, community-raised barns to multi-siloh farmhouses, each framed by wide expanses of verdant green fields and big, blue skies.

    Photo courtesy of Nicholas A. Tonelli

  • Iowa


    Barns are such a fundamental part of the Iowa landscape that the state has the Iowa Barn Foundation, an organization committed to preserving the state's rural buildings and agricultural heritage. On September 28 and 29, The Iowa Barn Foundation is throwing a All-State Barn Tour, where many historic barns will be open to the public on self-guided tours of this Midwestern state.

    Photo courtesy of Carl Wycoff

  • Alberta, Canada

    Alberta, Canada

    While barns have become a symbol of Americana, you'll find many beautiful specimens north of the border in Canada. The rural lands of Central Alberta near Edmonton are a land of golden plains, cowboys and a thriving agricultural industry – and that means you're bound to see more than a few barns.

    Photo courtesy of Darren Kirby

  • Black's Tree Service outside Marietta, Ohio


    Pretty much every county in the state of Ohio is home to at least one bicentennial barn, with a large concentration of these picturesque buildings in the Amish Country of Central Ohio – home of the world's largest Amish community. Drive through the area, and you'll probably also encounter covered bridges, old mills and water towers as well.

    Photo courtesy of gb_packards

  • Kerr's Farm in Pennington, NJ

    New Jersey

    When you think of New Jersey, you probably think of boardwalks and the turnpike, but the western portion of the state feels more like the rural Mid-West, complete with some very beautiful barns. Each summer, the town of Tewksbury hosts a barn tour of historic rural buildings just outside of the New York metropolitan area.

    Photo courtesy of nosha

  • Saskatchewan, Canada

    Saskatchewan, Canada

    Tucked between Alberta and Manitoba is the sprawling rural lands known as Saskatchewan – a place that has successfully developed an industry around farm tourism. In this province, visitors can spend the night in a farmhouse or livestock ranch bed and breakfast to enjoy the wide open expanses and learn about the people's rich connection with the land.

    Photo courtesy of mybulldog

  • Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Nova Scotia, Canada

    While Nova Scotia is primarily known as a maritime destination full of cliffside lighthouses and sweeping ocean views, it has an agricultural side as well. The province has so many barns and farmhouses, that there's even a small town named Old Barns in Colchester County.

    Photo courtesy of Dennis Jarvis

  • Moulton Barn in Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park


    Not only does Wyoming have some very beautiful barns, many of them sit in front of a spectacular backdrop, the Grand Tetons. The area known as Mormon Row has several historic Mormon homesteads dating back to the turn of the nineteenth century, including two picturesque barns.

    Photo courtesy of Geoff Lipscombe

  • Oregon


    Reasons to visit the rural valleys of Central Oregon are plenty. It doesn't get much better than hopping from one winery to another, all while enjoying the beautiful agriculture-dominated landscape dotted with postcard-perfect red barns.

    Photo courtesy of McD22


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