David Beckham's Top Ten Places to Visit in Britain

  • Stadium Tours - Old Trafford in Manchester, or Wembley in London
  • Chilling in the Green
  • Golf at St Andrews, Scotland
  • Shopping in Britain
  • Theme Parks and Kid Friendly Attractions
  • London Theatre Shows
  • Upscale London Dining
  • A Walk in the Countryside and a Traditional Pub
  • Pie and Mash - An East End Delicacy

    Tony Lane's Pie and Mash Shop

    From the creme de la creme of British Royalty, to good old, down home, east end cockney cooking.  This is London working class food at its best, and shows that David Beckham has not forgotten his roots.   Pie and Mash is an East End staple, you can find a few of them dotted around various boroughs in London's east end.  David Beckham's suggestion is you try his local, and favourite, Tony Lane's Pie and Mash Shop in Waltham Forest near where he was born and grew up in the East of the city.  He's apparently a local here whenever he's this side of the Atlantic, and has been known to take his Mum and children here too, just so they don't forget where their Dad grew up.

    Photo courtesy of Secretlondon123

  • Wembley Stadium - The spirtual home of football

    Stadium Tours - Old Trafford in Manchester, or Wembley in London

    Being a footballer, David Beckham was bound to include something soccer related when suggesting what to visit in Britain.  And the country being the spiritual home of football, he's suggested that you go on a stadium tour, or two whilst you're in the country.  He favours Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United football club, in Manchester, or the home of British football, Wembley stadium in London.  But if you're not near, or don't fancy either of these stadiums there are plenty of other stadiums to tour in the UK, why not check out Chelsea Stadium in the west of the Uk's capital or Liverpool FC's home ground at Anfield Road.

    Photo courtesy of Martin Pettitt

  • Hyde Park London

    Chilling in the Green

    David Beckham is no stranger to large green spaces, spending much of his working life on a football pitch.  So another suggestion he has for you is to make use of the great public parks that criss cross London and other UK cities too.  Staying on the Royal theme, he favours the Royal parks of Hyde Park (just near Buckingham Palace), Regent's Park (going towards the North of London), and Richmond Park (complete with a golf course, deer, some lovely cafes and the delicious Petersham nurseries just around the corner).  This is a great suggestion for those of you who have kids too, like the Beckham's brood of four, there is plenty of space to run around, or find a quiet corner for a picnic and some chilling before heading back out in to the city.

    Photo courtesy of Graziano88

  • St Andrew's Old Golf Course

    Golf at St Andrews, Scotland

    Like many footballers, David Beckham is partial to a spot of Golf.  Yet again, there's a Royal connection, since St Andrews in Scotland is the city where Prince William and Kate Middleton met whilst at University.  The Golf course is also the oldest in the UK and thought of as the spiritual home of the game.  It has great views out to sea, a devillish 'hell's bunker' to test your skills and is an all round great course, whatever your level.  Whilst you're up in Scotland, you can check out a few other courses along the way, or pop to Edinburgh or Glasgow for a spot of shopping, culture and perhaps a show or two.

    Photo courtesy of Chrissy Olson

  • Manchester Northern Quarter

    Shopping in Britain

    Both David and Victoria Beckham could be described as fashion forward.  They love clothes, they model them, and Victoria designs them.  They've always looked good in whatever they wear, and both of them love to set trends.  So, for number 6 on David's list, he's included shopping.  The UK has some great home grown and international shops and some quirky markets where you can either search for a bargain, or something original to take home for your friends and family.  David Beckham recommends checking out Manchester's Northern Quarter (no doubt an area he himself popped in to from time to time whilst playing for Manchester United) and the London markets, Portobello, Camden and Spitalfields, near London's Liverpool Street Station.

    Photo courtesy of heatheronhertravels

  • Thorpe Park Rollercoaster

    Theme Parks and Kid Friendly Attractions

    Thorpe Park, (not too far from London) Alton Towers, (in the Midlands) and the Harry Potter film set tours (in London) come highly recommended by Mr Beckham.  As a father of four, he says that most kids will go crazy for the thrills and spills of an amusement park, with roller coasters and rides galore.  If they fancy themselves as young wizards or witches, or have started to read or watch the Harry Potter series, then they'll love checking out the Harry Potter set tours and watching how Harry battled Voldemort and spent his days at Hogwarts with Hermione, Ron and the rest. 

    Photo courtesy of Roller Coaster Philosophy

  • Lion King

    London Theatre Shows

    Number Eight on the list of Mr Beckham's top ten are London Theatre shows.  David recommends checking out the show War Horse which was so successful it was made in to a film by Steven Spielberg, or the cracking West End production of Jersey Boys.  If you choose War Horse then bring some tissues and be prepared to be seriously moved.  If musicals are more your thing, then you'll love Jersey Boys, the electrifying true life story of the singer Frankie Valli and his Four Seasons band; the show charts his story of brushes with the new york mafia aka, 'the mob', his heartaches, his triumphs and of course the music.  As a father, David Beckham also suggests The Lion King as a great show for adults and children to enjoy together.  If none of these floats your boat, there are hundreds of other plays, musicals and shows on offer in London and beyond.

    Photo courtesy of LindaH

  • Nopi in London

    Upscale London Dining

    When not eating in the Pie and Mash shop, the Beckham's are more likely to be found hobnobbing with the stars in upscale eateries.  So, Cecconi's Italian restaurant in Mayfair and Nopi in Soho come highly recommended.  Nopi is from the Ottolenghi team, which turns out deliciously varied, delicately spiced mediterranean cuisine.  Ottolenghi himself hails from Jerusalem, and his eclectic mix of flavours and seasonal treats knows no rival in London.  It's also healthy and light, perfect for a footballer and his health conscious wife.

    Photo courtesy of Ewan-M

  • Country Girl Pub, Selly Oak Birmingham, UK

    A Walk in the Countryside and a Traditional Pub

    Last but not least on David Beckham's list is a walk in the countryside, topped off with a lunch or dinner, and a drink in a traditional country pub.  Beckham hasn't specified exactly where this walk should take place, but there are plenty of great walks and pubs to choose from all across the British Isles.  Walks are clearly signposted, and you can even buy guide books which take you from walk to pub in no time at all, allowing you to wend your way through pretty countryside and try out some top British cuisine and local delicacies whilst you rest your tired toes before making your way back to your hotel or country cottage, or if you're Mr Beckham, to Beckingham palace.

    Photo courtesy of ell brown


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