Explore The Top of Europe: Switzerland's Jungfrau Region

  • Lauterbrunnen Valley

    Begin in The Fairy Tale Valley of Lauterbrunnen

    Pass through the gateway town of Interlaken through Lauterbrunnen Valley into The Jungfrau Region in the eastern section of the daunting Bernese Oberland Alps in central Switzerland. All types of visitors will applaud the abundance of memorable experiences in any season, while surrounded by spine-tingling Alpine scenery.

    Photo courtesy of Jungfrau Region by Jost von Allmen

  • Lauterbrunnen village

    Lauterbrunnen Valley: Deep and Steep

    Narrow with extreme cliffs, this fairy-tale valley is 5 miles long with 72 waterfalls plunging from its precipitous Alpine walls. The astounding Staubbach Falls has a single unbroken fall of 974 ft. Lauterbrunnen is a gateway to numerous upper altitude villages and adrenaline-inducing experiences all year round.

    Photo courtesy of Jungfrau Region by Mattias Nutt

  • Mürren Jungfrau Region

    Mürren: The Balcony Village

    Located on the top of the Lauterbrunnen cliffs, Mürren has a view directly on the Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau and many more of the highest Swiss Alps. This charming car-free village of wooden chalets and appealing terraces is a delight in any season.

    Photo courtesy of Jungfrau Region by Jost von Allmen

  • Wengen in Summer

    Wengen: Sunny Terrace in the Sky

    Picturesque Wengen village sits at the foot of the massive Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau Alps. Arriving by cog-wheel train from down in Lauterbrunnen, you find every type of activity for a winter or summer holiday plus relaxation in the pure mountain air.

    Photo courtesy of Jungfrau Region

  • Grindelwald First Hiking

    'Eiger Village' of Grindelwald

    Although still a village with delightful traditional Swiss charm, Grindelwald has become a lively cosmopolitan resort for active holidays, especially in winter. However, Grindelwald is also greatly appreciated in other seasons for having some of the most beautiful hikes of the region and more than 186 miles of trails.

    Photo courtesy of Jungfrau Region by Mattias Nutt

  • Mountain Biking in the Jungfrau Region

    Take a Ride on the Wild Side

    Mountain biking, hiking, alpine running, alpinism, paragliding and much more are available in the warmer months. A much deserved pause while revelling in the overwhelming views is yours on a sunny terrace that is also an activity quite popular!

    Photo courtesy of Jungfrau Region by Stefan Hunziker

  • Climbing The Eiger Mountain

    The Eiger Awaits Serious Climbers

    This is one of the most coveted peaks to climb in its category, especially the legendary North Face that was first ascended in 1934. Although there are no simple ways to reach the 13,020 ft summit, some claim the easiest is via the West Flank and West Ridge. 

    Photo courtesy of Jungfrau Region by GrindelwaldSports Ralf Gantzhorn

  • First Flyer Grindelwald

    Fly Down the Slope called 'First'

    Due to the name of the ski slope, Grindelwald has called this ZipRider descent activity ‘First Flyer’ (First Flieger) operating summer and winter. When the gates are open you can be flying down at speeds up to 55 mph.

    Photo courtesy of Jungfrau Region by Jungfrau Railways

  • Aletsch Bahn to the Jungfraujoch

    Jungfrau Railway to the Top of Europe

    The compelling draw to this region is the snow-capped Jungfrau. Europe’s highest altitude railway starts at Kleine Scheidegg and travels through tunnels dug upwards starting in 1896 within the Eiger and Mönch Alps to the Jungfraujoch viewing complex. It took 16 years to complete.

    Photo courtesy of Dominique Schreckling All Rights Reserved

  • Jungfraujoch Train Terminus

    Mountains Made Easy: Terminus at 11'388'

    The 6-mile rail trip takes 52 minutes including brief stops for stunning views through the large glass windows built into the mountains. Both the Jungfrau Alp with a summit at 13,642 ft and the adjoining Aletsch Glacier are part of the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site.

    Photo courtesy of Dominique Schreckling All Rights Reserved

  • Jungfraujoch Aletsch Glacier Ice Palace

    Aletsch Glacier Gallery: 'Eispalast'

    Near the Jungfrau Railway terminus and the restaurant is a series of tunnels dug right into the Aletsch Glacier. Having the highest altitude in the world, this Ice Palace (Eispalast) can preserve these magnificent works of ice art much longer than most other ice galleries.  

    Photo courtesy of Dominique Schreckling All Rights Reserved

  • Aletsch Glacier

    The Great Aletsch Glacier: Long Views

    From the many viewing points and easy trails around the Jungfraujoch facilities, you will gasp when you encounter the immense Aletsch Glacier, the largest in the European Alps. It flows down the Jungfrau to the next valley for 14 miles. Plan your visit to the Jungfraujoch on a clear day.

    Photo courtesy of Dominique Schreckling All Rights Reserved

  • Aletsch Glacier Hiking

    Glacier Hiking on the Great Aletsch

    No need to fear falling into crevasses or having to be exceptionally physically fit - just sure-footed and well equipped. The guides are certified and know the paths to take you the length of the glacier. A rare opportunity for hikers not to miss.

    Photo courtesy of Jungfrau Region by Grindelwaldsports

  • Jungfrau Sphinx Observatory

    The Sphinx Observatory

    For the 360° view of a lifetime, the Jungfraujoch facility elevators take you up another 384 ft to the Sphinx Observatory terrace. Not only will you see more Alps than you thought existed but if it’s clear, you can also see the French Vosges Mountains and the German Black Forest.

    Photo courtesy of Interlaken Tourismus Byline: Gyger

  • Piz Gloria Restaurant Schilthorn

    The Name's Bond....James Bond

    Ian Fleming’s agent 007 is still present on the Schilthorn Alp where the early Bond film, ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ was shot. Built during the film production the futuristic Piz Gloria, with Europe’s first revolving restaurant, enthralls visitors with a 360° panorama of the Swiss Alps in all seasons.

    Photo courtesy of Jungfrau Region by Andrea Hess

  • Velogemel in Grindelwald

    Ticket to Ride: Snow Bikes in Grindelwald

    Winter sports are numerous in the Jungfrau region including skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing and the traditional handmade ‘wooden snow bike’ (Velogemel) of Grindelwald that holds the World Championship competitions of Velogemel every year.

    Photo courtesy of Jungfrau Region by Mattias Nutt

  • Trift Bridge Haslital

    Haslital: Trift Bridge Over Glacier Waters

    The upper parts of the Haslital or “Hasli Valley” are also connected to the Jungfrau Region and a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hikers and bikers each enjoy about 186 miles of trails in the Haslital which include walking platforms over turbulent Swiss glacier water flows.

    Photo courtesy of Jungfrau Region by Robert

  • Halisberg Sherlock Holmes Statue

    Sherlock Holmes Statue in ... Switzerland?

    Here in Hasliberg near Meiringen is a tribute to author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who spent time in Meiringen where there is now a Sherlock Holmes Museum. The novel “The Final Problem” has Inspector Holmes plunging to his death here. However, Sir Arthur’s fans refused to accept this and the character lives on.

    Photo courtesy of Jungfrau Region by Stephan Boegli

  • Ballenberg Open-Air Museum

    Haslital: Living History

    Ancient Swiss buildings such as this apothecary, were brought to Ballenberg to create a living Swiss Open-Air Museum with farm animals, ancient gardening, local craft-making and other rural activities of the past. Nearby the route along Lake Brienz takes you back to Interlaken. Auf Wiedersehen! Au revoir! Arrivederci!

    Photo courtesy of Jungfrau Region