Eye-Popping Views in State Parks

  • Sinnemahoning State Park in Pennsylvania

    This mountainous Pennsylvania park is home to hundreds of Elk along with the rare bald eagle. If you're planning a visit, you can hike Sinnemahoning's impressive peaks and valleys in the summer or snowshoe or ski them in the winter. And if you're a hunter or a fisherman, you're welcome to go in search of white-tailed deer, black bears, catfish, brown trout, along many other kinds of game. 

    Photo courtesy of Nicholas A. Tonelli

  • Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah

    Dead Horse Point State Park overlooks the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park – highly impressive natural surroundings. The park earned its name when cowboys used its terrain as a natural corral in the 1800s; today its plateau, cliffs and desert colors make it a favorite for lovers of the lore and landscape of the American West.

    Photo courtesy of Julie Gibson

  • Custer State Park in South Dakota

    Visit this wildlife reserve in the Black Hills of South Dakota for scenic drives along with a chance to spot one of the 1,500 free-roaming bison that wander Custer's grasses. You might also see feral burros (known as "begging burros" because they'll saunter up to your car for a roadside snack) mountain lions or big horn sheep. 

    Photo courtesy of Chad Fennell

  • Chugach State Park in Alaska

    This Alaskan state park, America's third largest, was established in 1970 to protect Anchorage's water supply, scenic views and recreational areas. There's an amazing variety of landscape, providing you the chance to see glaciers, lakes, rivers, dense forests and an abundance of wildlife. There's even whale watching when you reach Chugach's Beluga Point.

    Photo courtesy of Ian Collins

  • Slide Rock State Park in Arizona

    Slide Rock is home to a really, really fun natural water slide formed on the slippery bed of Oak Creek. This state park teems with bathing-suit clad visitors in the summer months, so arrive early to vie for a chance to slip and slide down nature's recreational wonder. 

    Photo courtesy of David

  • Palo Duro Canyon State Park in Texas

    Painter and "Mother of American Modernism" Georgia O' Keeffe spent her formative years near Palo Duro and once decreed, "It is a burning, seething cauldron, filled with dramatic light and color." Visit for yourself and find your own inspiration as you gaze out onto "The Grand Canyon of Texas."

    Photo courtesy of Charles Henry

  • Ecola State Park in Oregon

    Ecola plays a notable role in American history; it's a Lewis and Clark State Historical Park. Those two fearless explorers documented their battle against difficult terrain to find a stranded whale on what is now known as Oregon's Cannon Beach. Visit and hike the park's spruce forests before laying your blanket on one of its many sandy shores.

    Photo courtesy of Pfly

  • Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada

    There's an easy way to go back in time to the age of the dinosaurs, just visit the oldest state park in Nevada. The park's red sandstone formations appear to go up in flames when the sun hits them just right, earning the site its name. Adding to the the Valley of Fire's ancient mystique, visitors can find petroglyphs dotting this Mohave Desert marvel.

    Photo courtesy of Frank Kovalcheck

  • St. Andrews State Park in Florida

    White sands and green waters make St. Andrews State Park a lovely spot to stop for visitors to the Florida Panhandle. This beach park is known for its water sports and bird watching, so pack a lunch and plan to spend your day enjoying the air-and-sea offerings of this former military reservation turned state-park gem.

    Photo courtesy of Bob Therina

  • Goblin Valley State Park in Utah

    Goblin Valley is the land of the hoodoos, thin and tall rock spires that rise up (some as high as buildings) from the otherwise flat ground. These towers of rock are mysterious and awe-inspiring, reminiscent of totems and a real must-see for any fan of ancient, unusual landscapes.

    Photo courtesy of Daveynin