Fantastic Family Photo Ops for London Olympics

  • Wembley Stadium
  • Wimbledon
  • The Mall
  • Horse Guards Parade
  • Hyde Park
  • Earls Court
  • Lord's Cricket Ground
  • Wembley Arena
  • Enjoying Greenwich park

    Greenwich Park

    Greenwich Park is a truly fascinating spot that's full of history.  It's the oldest Royal Park in London (going back to 1433), became a World Heritage Site in 1997, and hosts the Royal Observatory, the home of the Prime Meridian.  During the Olympics, the park will be a site for Equestrian competitions and the running and shooting portion of the Modern Pentathlon.  Be sure to get a photo here; there will be a lot of history behind it.

    Photo courtesy of Visit Greenwich

  • Taking in a show at Wembley Stadium

    Wembley Stadium

    Wembley Stadium is already a world-class facility for sports.  And, as one of six stadiums hosting football/soccer for the Olympic Games, Wembley ranks as the largest.  So, it makes sense that Wembley will be the home of the gold metal competitions for Men's and Women's football/soccer.  Any family photo taken here is sure to be a winner!

    Photo courtesy of rileyroxx

  • Family time at Wimbledon


    Wimbledon is widely recognized for being the host of one of the most famous tennis tournaments in the world since 1877.  And, only three weeks after Wimbledon takes place this summer, the venue will be turned over to the Olympic Games for the Tennis competition.  Get a family photo in front of the courts as they are the only major grass-courts in the world.

    Photo courtesy of fergie_lancealot

  • All smiles at the iconic Mall

    The Mall

    You may already recognize The Mall, as it has played an integral role in many ceremonies and events such as the Royal Wedding and the London Marathon.  And, it will soon be a prime spot to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubillee.  After the Royal festivities, this area will host Marathons and Road Cycling for the Olympic Games.  This venue is the perfect backdrop for any family photo (especially for Anglophiles).

    Photo courtesy of London looks

  • Children aspire to guard at the Horse Guards Parade

    Horse Guards Parade

    All eyes have been on the Horse Guards Parade since 1745; this summer is no exception.  Functioning as a huge part of ceremonies, this site is home to a special celebration of the Queen's birthday each year (Trooping of the Colour).  For the Olympic Games, a temporary arena filled with sand will turn this location into a great spot for the Beach Volleyball competition.  Don't forget to snap a photo here; it's something you'll treasure for years.

    Photo courtesy of Andy Hay

  • Football in Hyde Park

    Hyde Park

    As the largest Royal Park in London, Hyde Park is a natural haven for sports.  For the Olympic Games, a course will be marked and seating will be brought in for spectators hoping to catch a glimpse of Triathlon and Marathon Swimming events (held at Serpentine Lake).  When taking a picture at this site, don't neglect the surrounding nature.

    Photo courtesy of mariosp

  • London Film and Comic Con

    Earls Court

    Earls Court is home to hundreds of events and exhibitions each year, such as London Film and Comic Con (pictured left). For the Olympics, the event space will host the Volleyball competition.  If you visit Earls Court for any occasion, don't miss your chance to get a family photo with an exciting backdrop.

    Photo courtesy of Frankly PM

  • Lord's Cricket Ground

    Lord's Cricket Ground

    Currently home to the Middlesex County Cricket Club, Lord's has hosted cricket since the 19th century.  However, the grounds will be the premiere site for Archery competitions during the Olympic Games.  Don't miss an opportunity for a sporting family photo at this locale.

    Photo courtesy of minasanor

  • Fountains in front of Wembley Arena

    Wembley Arena

    Already serving as a venue for music and sports, hosting the Olympic Games should be no challenge for Wembley Arena.  Over the course of the Games, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Badminton (Wembley actually hosted the Badminton World Championships in 2011) will be held here.  Make sure to to snap a pic with the famous fountains.

    Photo courtesy of Flawka


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