Go on the ultimate voyage of discovery in Costa Rica and Panama

  • Welcome to paradise

    While there are many ways for a visitor to discover the beauty of Costa Rica and Panama, you can’t beat the experience of sailing on a small adventure cruise ship for an intimate look at nature far from the crowds.  UnCruise Adventures’ boutique yacht Safari Voyager accommodates 62 guests in a casual atmosphere, with the goal of taking you to exquisitely picturesque natural areas only accessible, for the most part, via a small ship.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Monkeying around

    You’ll think you're in a National Geographic documentary when you first step onshore at the Curú National Wildlife Refuge, the cruise’s first stop. While walking along the path with your guide, prepare to see any number of amazing mammals and birds in this tropical forest. You’ll marvel at the white-throated capuchin monkeys as they dart among the trees – sometimes staying still long enough to pose for that perfect souvenir photo!

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Life's a beach

    Not only are Costa Rica’s jungles fascinating, you’ll also experience picture-perfect beaches offering warm tropical waters and sparkling, fine white sand. Beachcombing is a favorite pastime for visitors, as is swimming and snorkeling in the gentle surf.

    Photo courtesy of Tony DiBona

  • Flying high

    You’ll have to keep your head up in the trees to spot a scarlet macaw, ideally through your binoculars or telephoto camera lens. Macaws were nearly extinct in Costa Rica by the late 20th century until aggressive conservation efforts were put in place. As a result, the flocks are making a healthy comeback, although the macaw remains an endangered species. Needless to say, the thrill of seeing these majestic birds in the wild will remain a cherished travel memory.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Kayak adventures

    You don’t have to be a seasoned kayaker to enjoy gliding through the tropical rainforest that hugs the Costa Rican coastline. Settle into your kayak from the Safari Voyager's launch platform for an easy glide into the water. Guides are with you every step (and paddle) along the way, and their eagle eyes will point out the birds, sea life and fauna indigenous to this tropical paradise.

    Photo courtesy of Tony DiBona

  • Working up an appetite

    Exploring nature in such an active way consumes lots of energy, but rest assured you will never go hungry during an UnCruise adventure. With an emphasis on sustainably-raised meats and fish, together with organically-farmed produce (mostly from local sources), onboard meals cater to every taste and dietary restriction. Multi-course meals are served at breakfast, lunch and dinner, always with a choice of entrée. 

    Photo courtesy of Tony DiBona

  • Bonding with nature – and each other

    It isn’t surprising that adventure cruises attract multigenerational family and group travel. The experience of trekking through a remote tropical rainforest together creates lasting memories that will be shared over a lifetime. Single travelers will also find it easy to strike up friendships with fellow voyagers, thanks to the communal spirit of adventure that bonds the small passenger group.

    Photo courtesy of Tony DiBona

  • Eco-tourism at its best

    Drake Bay, discovered by Sir Francis Drake during his voyage around the world in the 16th century, is part of the Osa Peninsula. Declared "one of the most biologically intense places on earth," by National Geographic magazine, the region is one of the premier eco-tourism destinations in Costa Rica. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the diversity of this area aboard a small skiff boat which will take you down a gentle river. Your adventure guide will point out an amazing assortment of flora and fauna as part of this experience.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Caiman cool

    Passengers aboard the Aguitas River skiff tour in Drake's Bay were treated with a view of a caiman peeking his head out of the water. A smaller kin of the crocodile, the caiman is found in Costa Rica's damp lowlands, creeks, rivers and swamps.

    Photo courtesy of UnCruise Adventures

  • Local artisans

    While shopping options are obviously limited on such an adventure cruise, local artisans do display handmade items in the less remote areas of the tour. This is the perfect opportunity to bring home a handmade piece of jewelry or artwork as a souvenir of your experience.

    Photo courtesy of Tony DiBona

  • Find your zen

    Each morning, with spectacular views of the Costa Rica and Panama shoreline as a backdrop, Uncruise staff conducts a yoga class on the upper sun deck. In addition, each guest is invited to enjoy a complimentary, 45-minute massage during their cruise week.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Fantasy island

    It’s not easy to get to Coiba National Park, a group of islands that boast one of the most pristine marine ecosystems in the Pacific. While most adventure travelers have to spend days getting to this ecological paradise, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is just a 3-minute skiff boat ride away from the deck of the Safari Voyager. Snorkel along the shallow coral reef and feast your eyes on a variety of colorful reef fish, gentle sea turtles and other amazing marine creatures.

    Photo courtesy of Uncruise Adventures

  • Lift your spirits

    If you enjoy fine wines, craft beer or cocktails while on vacation, you’ll be happy to know you won’t come away with a staggering bar bill at the end of your cruise. Unlimited alcoholic beverages are included in your fare on UnCruise Adventures, and there are also a wide variety of fresh tropical juices and non-alcoholic beverages available throughout the voyage. This cruise lives up to its "all-inclusive" advertising, with all meals, shore excursions, and onboard activities included in the price.

    Photo courtesy of Tony DiBona

  • Discover the Galapagos Islands...in Panama!

    No, you’re not in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands admiring the celebrated blue-footed booby bird. You’re in a skiff off Bona Island in the Bay of Panama. The island is topographically strikingly similar to areas of the Galapagos. You’ll also find many creatures on this Panamanian island that you would see on the Galapagos, such as majestic frigate birds, brown and blue-footed boobies, and even the colorful red Sally Lightfoot crabs that hang out on the coastal rock formations.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Gauguin's early inspiration

    A colorful mural on the picturesque island of Taboga, founded in 1524, commemorates the fact that the island was once home to post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin. The artist came to the island in 1887 in search of artistic inspiration, prior to moving onto Tahiti where his use of bright colors, tropical subjects and flat perspective brought him fame and fortune. 

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Taboga, the "island of flowers"

    It’s no wonder Gauguin found inspiration on this volcanic island in the Gulf of Panama, located just 12 miles via ferry from Panama City. The island’s wide sandy beaches, colorful homes and shops, natural hiking paths and its vivid array of tropical flowers blooming in profusion year-round have made it a popular vacation destination for Panama City residents since the early Colonial days. 

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Room for dessert?

    If you love desserts, be prepared to enjoy a wide variety of treats prepared by the ship's talented French pasty chef, part of the crew's amazing culinary team.

    Photo courtesy of Tony DiBona

  • Back to reality

    After a week-long adventure in the glorious wilderness of Costa Rica and Panama, it's time to return to reality. The impressive skyline of Panama City looms in the distance as the Safari Voyager makes her way to the Panama Canal and a memorable nighttime crossing through the canal's famous locks.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • An engineering marvel

    Uncruise guests are treated to a final view of the Panama Canal, this time from the Panama Canal Expansion Visitor Center at Miraflores Locks. From the lofty observation perch, one can get an appreciation of the engineering marvel of the original canal, as well as the expansion project that doubled the capacity of the original canal by adding a new, expanded lane of traffic. The expanded canal began commercial operation in June 2016.

    Photo courtesy of Tony DiBona

  • The sun sets on a week of memories

    It's time to say goodbye to an unforgettable week of adventure onboard the UnCruise Safari Voyager, as the tropical setting sun casts a fiery glow over the Panama coast.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona