New Destination Wedding Trend: 'Trash The Dress' Photos

  • A New Spin On The Classic Dip
  • Taking The Plunge
  • From Here To Eternity
  • The Knight In Shining Armor
  • Their Love Glows
  • Love On The Rocks
  • A Kiss In The Rain
  • A Roll In The Sand
  • Waves Roll In
  • Trash the dress in a Cenote

    Underwater Mermaid

    Photos of brides underwater are growing increasingly popular and the Rivera Maya's underground rivers, known as cenotes, have become the perfect location for the Trash The Dress (TTD) photo trend in wedding pics. Beams of sunlight from above mixed with the eerie darkness of these underground rivers provides a magical mermaid-like scene for this TTD. 

    Photo courtesy of Santiago Gabay

  • Ocean Sunset Kiss

    A New Spin On The Classic Dip

    A common and traditional wedding photo, where the groom dips and kisses his bride, is taken to a whole new level when they're standing knee deep in the ocean. Incorporating the gorgeous location and setting sun, this couple shared a kiss in the water off the coast of Playa Mujeres, Mexico for their TTD.  

    Photo courtesy of Rodrigo Del Rio Lozano

  • Cliff Jumping Couple

    Taking The Plunge

    The 35-foot-high cliffs located at Rick's Cafe in Negril, Jamaica are the perfect spot for wedding couples to take the plunge. Not for the faint of heart, these daunting cliffs can produce an absolute adrenalin pulsing moment for the bride and groom as they leapt off these cliffs without hesitation and their daring escapade made for a captivating TTD.

    Photo courtesy of Courtney Dellafiora

  • From Here To Eternity

    From Here To Eternity

    Recreating the timeless scene in 'From Here To Eternity' was the theme of this TTD session. All eyes are drawn to the bride's dress which radiate in the crystal clear water. This dramatic setting on the beach of Turks and Caicos is highlighted by a Caribbean sunset and the peaceful flow of the tide. 

    Photo courtesy of David Gallardo with Brilliant by Tropical Imaging

  • Crossing the threshold

    The Knight In Shining Armor

    Crossing the threshold is a tradition for every newlywed couple.  Assuming that iconic pose, this photo exemplifies a fairy tale ending as the theme of this TTD on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico.  The turquoise waters and foaming waves accentuate the blissful mood created by this 'trash the dress' session. 

    Photo courtesy of Caribe Photos

  • Their Love Glows

    Their Love Glows

    A photographer's use of light can generate a phenomenal effect. This newlywed's enrapturing kiss in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is accentuated by the glimmer of sunlight peaking through their embrace. Pulling all focus on the radiating glow around their faces, this photographer was able to masterfully capture the sunset in a unique way.  

    Photo courtesy of Gonzalo Nunez

  • Love on the Rocks

    Love On The Rocks

    Sometimes a 'trash the dress' session is not about sun, sand and getting wet. A TTD can also be about getting down and dirty. Without worrying about wreaking havoc on her wedding dress, the bride and groom climbed through rocks and craggy reefs on the coastline of northern Cancun, Mexico to capture the perfect TTD photo. The smiles on their faces showcase happiness rather than drawing attention to the sharp jagged rocks that surround them. 

    Photo courtesy of Juan Navarro

  • A kiss in the rain.

    A Kiss In The Rain

    Even if a couple has no intention of doing a TTD, sometimes nature creates the perfect scenario for an astonishing photo-op. When it started to rain, this duo enthusiastically welcomed the storm by sharing a kiss poolside in Playacar, Mexico.  The results of their daring dance in the rain was a mystical reflection of light produced by the raindrops around them.    

    Photo courtesy of Sarani Estrada

  • Playing in the sand and sun

    A Roll In The Sand

    Sunshine, sand and smiles epitomize a trash the dress session.  For a destination wedding couple, a roll in the sand in Mexico is the perfect way to wash away all of the stress that wedding planning can sometimes bring. Playful, fun and whimsical are the key ingredients in this delightful TTD. 

    Photo courtesy of Gonzalo Nunez

  • Crashing waves create a captivating scene

    Waves Roll In

    As waves crash around them, this pair seems to escape the world in a passionate kiss on the shores of Ochos Rios, Jamaica.  Droplets of the ocean and the pull of the tide are frozen in time as this couple's happy ending is forever recorded in their 'trash the dress' photo session!  

    Photo courtesy of Anthony M Wincko


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