Remembering Marilyn Monroe

  • DiMaggio and Monroe
  • Marilyn in Tokyo
  • Amagansett, Long Island, New York
  • Palm Springs
  • Palm Springs
  • Madison Square Garden, for JFK's Birthday
  • Coronado Beach was the setting for Marilyn's film Some Like It Hot

    Coronado Beach: Some Like it Hot

    Some Like it Hot, arguably Marilyn's most notable film and a timeless romantic comedy, was filmed at Coronado Beach. With three major resorts and some of the most upscale shopping outside of San Diego, Coronado is a worthy destination for any traveler, whether paying homage to Marilyn or looking for a beach getaway.

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  • Honolulu, as seen from Diamondhead

    DiMaggio and Monroe

    Monroe and baseball legend Joe DiMaggio married in San Francisco in January of '54, spent one night in Paso Robles then flew to Honolulu where they were greeted by hula dancers, airline officials, and a police escort. Curious fans ruined their Royal Hawaiian Hotel honeymoon, however, so they departed after one night.    

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  • View from Tokyo's Imperial Hotel

    Marilyn in Tokyo

    3,000 people met Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio at the Tokyo airport, so they were smuggled out the cargo hatch to a car which delivered them to the tony Imperial Hotel for their honeymoon. Located across form the Imperial Palace, the hotel - inspired by Mayan and Art Deco architecture - was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  

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  • Amagansett, Long Island, New York

    Amagansett, Long Island, New York

    Monroe spent a great deal of time on Long Island, and her most iconic pin up shots are believed to have been shot on Tobay Beach. After she became Mrs. Arthur Miller, she and her famous playwright husband stayed at Stony Hill Farm on Amangansett.

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  • Celebrate Marilyn's life with a cool Palm Spring getaway

    Palm Springs

    The Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs - another Monroe hangout - is celebrating the life of Marilyn on the anniversary of her death with an event called "Some Like it Cool." An array of cocktail specials and an ice plunge in the spa are just some of the offerings.  Keep an eye out for a sexy look-alike.  

    Photo courtesy of Viceroy Hotel

  • Palm Springs offers mountains, desert, shopping, and golf

    Palm Springs

    Palm Springs is arguably the number one place in the world for travelers to pay homage to Marilyn Monroe. In addition to a three story statue (recently relocated to Palm Springs from Chicago after a series of controversies), the city will be spotlighting another Marilyn attraction as a part of its "Forever Marilyn" series, including an outdoor film festival.

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  • Madison Square Garden, where Marilyn sang to JFK

    Madison Square Garden, for JFK's Birthday

    Marilyn crooner her unforgettable "Happy Birthday, Mr President," to JFK in Madison Square Garden.  It would become the last public event at which she was seen before her untimely death.  Many believe that Marilyn had an affair with the President.   The walls at Madison Square Garden aren't talking.   

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