The Undiscovered Sides of Tourist Cities

  • Less Explored Venice
  • Less Explored San Francisco
  • Less Explored Paris
  • Less Explored Sydney
  • Columbia Road Flower Market

    Less Explored London

    Located in London's East End and open on Sundays from 8am until around 3pm, the Columbia Road Flower Market is positively dazzling. Vendors sell locally grown flora along with imported flowers.

    Photo courtesy of Katrin Morenz/Flickr

  • San Servolo

    Less Explored Venice

    Best known for its rich flora and long history (it was a haven for Benedictine monks for many, many centuries), the island of San Servolo is a nice complement to the more touristy (but equally worthy!) attractions of Venice.

    Photo courtesy of Shaun Merritt/Flickr

  • Precita Eyes Mural

    Less Explored San Francisco

    Located in San Francisco's vibrant and predominantly Latino Mission District, the Precita Eyes Murals are a truly authentic (and beautiful) reflection of the community. They're worth a trip to the Mission District in their own right, but you'll also find fantastic food in the neighborhood.

    Photo courtesy of Franco Folini/Flickr

  • Galerie Vivienne

    Less Explored Paris

    Commissioned and built in 1832, the Galerie Vivienne is a quintessential taste of Paris cafes and shopping without the touristy frills you'll find in other arrondissements (neighborhoods.)

    Photo courtesy of Groume/Flickr

  • Cockatoo Island

    Less Explored Sydney

    Cockatoo is the largest island in Sydney Harbour. It was formerly an imperial prison, but as of 2012 it's on the list of World Heritage sites. Cockatoo Island is a particularly popular destination for New Year's Eve fireworks.

    Photo courtesy of Velovotee/Flickr


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