These Fascinating Places Near Frankfurt Will Make You Book a Trip to Germany

  • Frankfurt: Bustling Metropolis in the Heart of Europe

    There's a good chance that if you're traveling internationally for business or pleasure, you'll find yourself flying into Frankfurt am Main's airport, one of the top five busiest airports in Europe. Or you might come to the city strictly on business, as Frankfurt is a global and international trade hub.

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  • Go Back in Time at Frankfurt's Medieval Landmark

    Frankfurt's most historical landmark, the three-gabled facade of the Römer, is a must-see on your tour of the city. This former patrician's house was chosen as Frankfurt's town hall back in 1405, and the magnificent square has been the site of fairs and markets throughout the centuries. Today, it serves as the venue for countless special events, including the Ironman European Championships and many time-honored regional festivals.

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  • Walk Over the Bridge for a New Frankfurt Experience

    A short walk from the Römer across the Eiserner Steg pedestrian bridge will take you to the charming, 12th-century district of Sachsenhausen. Some of Germany's best-known museums line its shore, and the district is known for its vibrant nightlife, hip restaurants and bars, and picturesque neighborhoods. For a scenic and comfortable ride along the Main River shoreline with great views on Frankfurt, hop aboard a pedicab.

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  • The Rhine, Riesling and the Romantic Town of Rüdesheim

    You may not realize that you can experience the charm and history of Old Germany in several picturesque towns – all within an hour's drive from Frankfurt's city center. The romantic town of Rüdesheim, part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, is just 50 minutes away from Frankfurt.  Medieval castles are perched high above the vineyards overlooking the Rhine river, charming towns with cobblestone streets line its shore and the incomparable riesling wine flows freely in restaurants and wine bars throughout this region.

    Photo courtesy of Rüdesheim Visitors Bureau

  • Stroll the Drosselgasse, Rüdesheim's Famous Street

    The Drosselgasse is Rüdesheim's famous landmark, and for good reason. Built in the 15th century, the cobblestone lane (a mere 7 feet wide) starts at the shores of the Rhine and climbs upward to the town's marketplace. Enjoy the quaint shops, restaurants, wine bars and almost non-stop music. The Rüdesheimer Schloss restaurant features regional cuisine, local wines and traditional entertainment. Check out the bell tower that chimes with rotating figures each hour on the hour in the adjacent courtyard.

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  • Soar Over the Vineyards in a Cable Car

    The scenic journey begins with a cable car ride from Rüdesheim, over the vineyards up to the majestic Niederwald monument where you'll enjoy spectacular views of the Rhine valley.  A short walk through the lush forest leads you to a chair lift for another scenic ride to the romantic town of Assmannshausen. The tour ends with a riverboat ride back to Rüdesheim. For an amazing tour at an equally amazing price, check out the "Ring Ticket" package.

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  • Bad Homburg: Where Nobility "Took the Waters"

    You'll find another world – just 25 minutes from Frankfurt – when you arrive at the aristocratic spa town of Bad Homburg. The palatial Kaiser Wilhelm Bad was built in 1890, fed by thermal waters that had been in use since the Roman times, and soon became a favorite of European nobility. 

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  • Enjoy a Royal Spa Experience

    Luckily, you no longer have to have royal blood to enjoy the thermal waters of Bad Homburg. Today, the healing waters are part of the Kur Royal Day Spa, which is open to the general public. In addition to the saltwater relaxation pool (as pictured above), the spa offers a wide variety of unique treatments, which include a hay steam bath, herbal vapor bath, an assortment of unique massages and a Roman steam bath.

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  • Relive 19th-century Elegance

    Strolling around Bad Homburg is like taking a trip back to the 19th century. Elegant restaurants, hotels and private residences line its streets. The city is also home to the Kurpark which features 100 acres of magnificent landscaped gardens, walking paths, a small lake and several historical buildings.  

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  • Taste Wine in a Covered Wagon

    The charming town of Hochheim lies three miles above the Main River where it branches into the Rhine – a perfect location for growing riesling grapes to make the wine this town is famous for. Tour the picturesque vineyards that line the hills in a unique way – in a romantic covered wagon! Stop at all the vineyards along the route for a personalized taste of the world-renowned riesling wines that have been produced here for centuries.

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  • Rejoice in Riesling Fit for Royalty

    Hochheim's reputation for its outstanding riesling goes back centuries. In 1788, Thomas Jefferson traveled to Hochheim to collect grape stocks of his favorite vintage. These were planted in his garden in Paris and eventually made their way to his Monticello estate in Virginia.  Queen Victoria of England so loved Hochheim riesling that she made a personal visit there in 1845. She granted permission for a vineyard to be named after her. Today, a monument to her visit stands on Queen Victoria Hill.

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  • A True Farm-to-Fork Culinary Experience

    The cuisine in Hochheim is as superb as its wine. Organic farm-to-table fare is a given in this bucolic paradise. Hochheim vintners strive to grow grapes as organically as possible, and the same holds true for the sustainable meats, fish and organic vegetables produced here. For a delightful culinary experience featuring organic wines and cuisine, check out the Hochheimer Rieslingstuben, one of the oldest restaurants in Hochheim's Old Town. When you step through its doors, you'll think you've entered the Middle Ages!  

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  • Darmstadt: A City of Art Nouveau

    The city of Darmstadt a mere 30 minutes away from Frankfurt, was a center of the Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) movement at the turn of the 20th century. The artists' colony of Mathildenhöhe is a treasure trove of historical buildings and personal residences that embody the spirit of the Art Nouveau movement in Germany. Lovers of architecture should make a visit to the famous Waldspirale, an undulating, curvaceous residential building complex in Darmstadt where grass and trees grow on all surfaces.

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  • Michelstadt: Fairy Tale Town in the Odenwald Forest

    Drive one hour south of Frankfurt and enter the enchanting medieval world of Michelstadt. The town's history goes back 1,200 years (and maybe more). The Town Hall, with its high steeples and late-Gothic timber framing, dates back to 1484. Explore the crooked streets, half-timbered houses, and formidable castle and tower in this charming town in the heart of the Odenwald. In December, a Christmas market takes over the historic center, adding to the magical experience of visiting this historic village.

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  • Discover the Treasures of Erbach Castle

    Directly bordering Michelstadt is Erbach, another lovely town rich in Medieval and Renaissance history. The Erbach Castle is a major attraction with rooms specifically designed for antiquities, medieval furniture and armory, as well as for arts and artifacts of the 16th to 19th centuries. The castle cellar holds sandstone sculptures dating from circa 1200 AD, including an intricately carved wooden altar which displays the life of the Virgin Mary in astounding detail. Erbach became a center for ivory carving in the 18th century and a museum located in the castle houses an extensive collection.

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  • White Asparagus: Germany's "White Gold" Spring Specialty

    If you visit the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main region in spring, you'll see large numbers of the prized white asparagus (spargel) prominently displayed in outdoor markets, grocery stores, roadside stalls and on local farms. The season is short, running from mid-April until late June. Asparagus season gets the Germans' culinary juices flowing, and you'll find the delicacy in almost every restaurant in the region. Zum Grünen Baum restaurant in Michelstadt offers a long list of white asparagus specialties, from steamed with various sauces to delicious creamy soups.

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  • Take Home a Piece of German Tradition

    Erbach is also home to the region's oldest pottery factory, the Odenwälder Kunsttöpferei, founded in 1609. Here, you can stroll through a wide variety of handmade items, ranging from mugs and pitchers to baking dishes and complete dinner sets. All pottery is molded, hand-painted and fired on the premises, so no two items are ever alike.

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  • Amorbach: All Things Baroque Just an Hour from Frankfurt

    Go from the bustle of Frankfurt to the postcard perfect beauty of the Baroque town of Amorbach – nestled in the heart of Odenwald – in just one hour. Stroll through its quaint streets lined with half-timbered houses, enjoy coffee and cake on the town square, and soak in the ambiance of this 760-year-old city. Tour the Princely Abbey Amorbach church where you'll see a magnificent gilded organ built in 1782.

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  • Taste Frankfurt's Beloved Apple Wine at its Source

    It's amazing how quickly you can reach the bucolic countryside from the international metropolis of Frankfurt. Few things are more traditional in Frankfurt than Apfelwein (apple wine), so you shouldn't miss the opportunity to tour a producer of this beloved beverage. A short 20-minute drive will bring you to the orchards at Obsthof am Steinberg. Book a tour through the orchards, learn everything you ever wanted to learn about organic apple growing, and enjoy a lunch of traditional, locally-produced food – accompanied by the best apple wine you'll ever taste!

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  • Discover the Treasures of Aschaffenburg

    The romantic, historical city of Aschaffenburg, located on the Main River, is just 40 minutes away from Frankfurt. The city's pride and joy is the Johannisburg Palace completed in 1614. It's home to the second largest collection of paintings outside Munich. A short distance away is the Pompejanum, a replica of a Pompeian villa commissioned by King Ludwig I and completed in 1848. For a romantic evening you'll never forget, dine at Pier 18 on the shores of the Main and stroll down the promenade to enjoy golden views of the city's historic monuments. Johannisburg Palace

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  • Celebrate the Romance of the Frankfurt Region All Year Round

    Festivals are a huge part of the German cultural tradition and are held all seasons of the year. In Aschaffenburg, a summer Volksfest culminates in a dramatic fireworks display.  

    Photo courtesy of City of Aschaffenburg