Top Reasons Tebow's Florida Fans Will Feel at Home in Boston

  • Florida, Massachusetts
  • Hurricanes
  • Beaches
  • Patriot Cheerleaders
  • Red Sox Nation
  • Seafood !
  • Central Florida Patriots
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Humidity
  • Bars and Cold Beer
  • Tim Tebow poses for a photo with Florida Gators fans

    Tebow-Loving Floridians at Home when in Boston

    After a glorious ride with University at Florida, Tim Tebow's pro career got off to a rocky start.   First the Broncos, then the Jets tried to avail themselves of his talents.  Now Boston's New England Patriots have signed Florida's favorite son, so Florida will, no doubt, be heading north to watch the action in Boston.  We're pretty sure they'll feel right at home, and here are the reasons why . . . 

    Photo courtesy of Doug Kensrue

  • Entering Florida, MA

    Florida, Massachusetts

    It holds no palm trees or gators (the kind with actual scales) but Florida, Massachusetts is a simple car ride away in the Berkshires.   

    Photo courtesy of Jozef Nagy

  • Hurricane Irene making landfall on the East Coast


    We didn't say Floridians LIKE hurricanes.  They don't.  But if one pops up while they're in New England, they will be suddenly be the local EXPERTS . . . and everyone likes feeling smart.  Grab a Floridian when you head to the store to stock up on hurricane supplies.  The cone of uncertainty is a way of life in Florida.   

    Photo courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

  • Beaches


    The South Boston peninsula’s Castle Island Park is lined with beaches, walkways, snack shacks and playgrounds for Florida-like frolicking.  We don't know if Tim Tebow would ever be hanging out there . . . but the promixity of a sandy hangout makes Floridians feel right at home.   

    Photo courtesy of Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau

  • Patriots Cheerleaders

    Patriot Cheerleaders

    Tebow's a red-blooded American man who probably enjoys a little eye candy, and we're guessing half of his Florida fan base does, too.  Floridians are also used to seeing people with very little clothing on. So when Patriots cheerleaders shake it in their skimpy uniforms, it just looks like home.   

    Photo courtesy of USAF Photographic Archives

  • Spring training at "Fenway South"

    Red Sox Nation

    Red Sox Nation moves to sunny Fort Myers, Florida for spring training each year.  So a good portion of Florida baseball lovers will feel right at home in Fenway Park.  Fort Myers' own Jetblue Park, which just opened two years ago to rave reviews, has its own green monster . . . and fans can sit inside it, or party on top of it.   If Tebow likes the Yankees, he better keep it to himself.  

    Photo courtesy of Chris connelly

  • Raw oysters, a Massachusetts specialty

    Seafood !

    Seafood shacks line the sandy shores of the coastal Massachusetts towns.  Fish, lobster, shellfish,  . . . what would Tebow do?  

    Photo courtesy of Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

  • College of Central Florida campus in Ocala

    Central Florida Patriots

    Teams at the College of Central Florida are called the Patriots, so they bring a fan base with triple allegiance.  CCF is just down the road from Gator Nation (Gainesville) in Ocala.  Anyone tied to CCF is already used to chanting "Go Patriots!" and is almost assuredly a Tebow fan. 

    Photo courtesy of Kolin Toney

  • Al fresco dining at Legal Seafood in Boston

    Outdoor Dining

    Floridians love to eat outside, and we imagine Tebow does too.  So sunshine state residents should keep their eyes peeled when they (naturally) gravitate toward al fresco dining in the greater Boston area.  It's easy to find, and often crowded when available, since New Englanders count down the days 'til the sun comes out again.  Florida will travel to support Tebow, but come winter, they'll be happy to be in southern latitudes.

    Photo courtesy of Randy Robertson

  • Boats in Boston Public Garden


    Boston’s humidity in July and August can reach highs which make it feel a little more like the Keys.  Bostonians are often struggling with the combo of sun and moisture . . . but not Floridians.   They barely feel it.  

    Photo courtesy of Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

  • Live music in Boston's Seaport District

    Bars and Cold Beer

    They're not what you'd see in Miami.  But even sans supermodels, the bars in Boston's happening Seaport District have the ability to transport you to the tropics on a hot summer night . . . and they no doubt serve icy cold beer.

    Photo courtesy of Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism


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