Unexpected Places to Celebrate: Graduation Trips - Go Big or Go Home

  • Edinburgh, Scotland

    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Rich in history and bustling with things to do and see, Edinburgh, Scotland, is best visited in summer. Plan your trip in conjunction with the International Edinburgh Festival, which draws more than 1 million summer visitors and coincides with the Festival Fringe, which attracts thousands of performers, artists, and tourists. Tip: The Edinburgh Pass is an electric Smart Card that offers free entry to over 30 popular Scottish attractions, along with free bus transportation to certain areas.

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    You may have been to Las Vegas with your parents as a teenager or child, but have you been since you turned 21? It is a completely different city and a totally new experience. With casinos like the Bellagio and attractions like O lining the streets, it's a wonder how anyone ever gets any sleep when they visit. Tip: The Las Vegas Bite Card is perfect for any traveler on a budget. This ultimate Vegas savings card offers the deepest discounts to the best restaurants and attractions on the strip.

  • Paris, France

    Paris, France

    Paris, the City of Light, offers more than just wine, baguettes, and romantic strolls along the Seine. Paris features countless attractions too, like La Tour Eiffel and the Musée du Louvre, as well as breathtaking views. Remember to pack your camera for this picture-perfect location! Tip: To add convenience to your trip, purchase the Paris Pass, a city-wide card that offers free entrance to 60 major attractions, as well as free Métro travel all over the city. You can’t beat that!

  • Oahu, Hawaii

    Oahu, Hawaii

    Aloha, Oahu! The second-oldest Hawaiian island, Oahu occupies 597 square miles and promises beautiful views and vast beaches. Located between Kauai and Maui, the island features two mountain ranges, valleys, and picturesque bays. With temperatures ranging between 77º and 88º Fahrenheit and a population of extremely charming locals, it’s hard to resist this paradise. Just give in.

  • London, England

    London, England

    You may think that London only offers spots of tea and great accents, but there's much more to this awesome city, like terrific pubs, markets, shops, and parks. Dig deep, and you'll learn the secrets of one of the greatest destinations in the world. Plan ahead – there are fantastic attractions around every corner. Tip: The London Sightseeing Pass is a perfect companion for any London-bound traveler. With free entry to 56 attractions, 17 historical buildings, 26 museums and art galleries and 10 ships or places of interest.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Amsterdam is the beloved Dutch capital known for its pleasant climate, rich cultural heritage, and (let’s be honest) indulgent lifestyle. While you're in Amsterdam, notice the quaint canal system much like that of Venice and the 6,000 protected historic buildings. Go ahead and treat yourself, but remember that your parents will want to know what you did on vacation! Tip: The Amsterdam Canal Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Day Pass and Heineken Experience delivers a perfect pairing for recent graduates. Amsterdam's 165 canals make it easy to get around the city.

  • Sydney, Australia

    Sydney, Australia

    Sydney is the best-known city in the Land Down Under. With a mild climate similar to San Francisco's, Sydney is an ideal place to visit in the summer. Take a tour of spectacular Sydney Harbour and the famed Opera House before heading to “The Rocks,” a historical district that offers great shopping and a glimpse of the past.

  • San Francisco, California

    San Francisco, California

    Many things about San Francisco make it alluring, including the sparkle of the San Francisco Bay, the charm of the setting, the marvelous architecture, the steep streets, and the welcoming atmosphere. Of course, while you're there, we recommend a trip to the Wine Country to sample the bounty of Napa and Sonoma. Tip: The Go San Francisco Card provides access to popular attractions and offers discounts to many of the area's favorite shopping and dining options.

  • Brussels, Belgium

    Brussels, Belgium

    Take a trip to Brussels, and immerse yourself in ancient architecture, modern glass-and-steel buildings, traditional cooking, and lots of breweries and chocolate shops. Eat like a local and try the classic moules frites (mussels served with thin, crisp fries), the national dish. Most places are within walking distance, including the many attractions and pubs! Tip: Take advantage of The Brussels Card, which provides entrance into most of the city's famed museums, along with access to buses, trams, and metros. On top of this, you'll also receive 25% off selected attractions. Bottoms up!