You've Got to See This Rare Super Bloom of Wildflowers in the Desert

  • Immerse Yourself in a Sea of Yellow Blooms

    Along the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park's Henderson Canyon Road, a photographer takes advantage of the low afternoon light to create a Monet-like image amidst the flowering field.  The heavy rains that drenched California over the winter are responsible for creating this magical super bloom, which doesn't have a set expiration date.  How long it will last depends on heat, wind and hungry caterpillars.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Children Delight in the Flower Frenzy

    Children of all ages seem to love the opportunity to romp through the flower fields and commune with nature at its most spectacular.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Check Out This Vibrant Cactus Bloom

    The Beavertail Cactus produces some of the most vibrant red blooms in the desert, and they're popping out all over!

    Photo courtesy of Tony DiBona

  • A Bike Ride to Remember

    Bicyclists of all levels will enjoy the many paths throughout the park, with jaw-dropping scenery along the way.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Flourishing Carpets of Yellow

    The brittlebush desert flower is in full bloom throughout the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, creating carpets of yellow across the park's expansive fields.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • It's a Dog's World

    Even man's best friend can enjoy the sites – and sniffs – along the many dog-friendly trails throughout Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Astounding Desert Sculptures

    Dozens of magical life-size sculptures are dramatically placed along the desert floor in Borrego Springs, gateway to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Meticulously crafted by regional artist Ricardo Breceda, these startling creations are composed of scrap reinforcement bars, wire, and metal, and pounded by hammers into works of art. Galleta Meadows is accessible by car and free to the public to tour on their own.

    Photo courtesy of Tony DiBona

  • Explore the Desert Badlands

    Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is huge, comprising over 600,000 acres. It offers ample opportunities to view a wide variety of landscapes, such as this surreal scene of the Carrizo Badlands, which is an approximate 45-minute drive from the park's visitor center.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Photographer's Dream Landscape

    The super bloom is attracting visitors from around the world, many of them photographers looking for that perfect shot. 

    Photo courtesy of Tony DiBona

  • Lush Desert Vista

    The record-breaking rains this winter not only brought an abundance of wildflower blooms to the Anza-Borrego park. It also painted the hills a beautiful green; a rare sight indeed.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Learn More at the Park's Visitor Center

    Learn more about the desert at the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park's Visitor Center. Stroll through desert gardens, visit an award-winning museum, see a video and access maps and publications to help you make the most of your visit.

    Photo courtesy of Joanne DiBona

  • Luxuriate in a Super Spa Near the Super Bloom

    Once you've gotten your fill of the dramatic super bloom, consider a stay at the La Casa del Zorro Resort & Spa (originally opened in 1937) to further enhance your desert experience. Romantic, rustic accommodations, a world-class spa and restaurant, three pools, tennis courts and scenic walking paths are just part of its charm.  And it's all a short distance from the state park.

    Photo courtesy of La Casa del Zorro

  • Romantic Sunset Over the Desert

    The sunset vistas over the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park are always spectacular. Raise a glass and celebrate your good luck at having experienced this spectacular super bloom and one of California's most dramatic state parks.

    Photo courtesy of Tony DiBona