6 brunch recipes to indulge your mom for Mother's Day

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If you’re anything like me, preparation for Mother’s Day isn’t going to start until Saturday afternoon. By then, the card aisle at the drugstore will be bare, department stores will be picked over, and nothing of use will be available for Amazon same day-delivery (why would my mom ever need a stainless steel pineapple de-corer?).


But there is always one plan to fall back on, one surefire way to show your appreciation for that special woman in your life: brunch in bed. I say brunch 'in bed’ because it’s a two part gift. The first gift is letting your mom sleep in, and the second is a meal in the comfort of her own bed.

Here are a few of our favorite brunch recipes so that when Saturday afternoon rolls around, all you need to do to prepare for Mother’s Day is run out and get the ingredients.  

Hibiscus Cocktail


Begin your Mother’s Day brunch in bed with this fizzy, floral cocktail. It has the color and aroma of spring and the uplifting effervescence of Prosecco. This cocktail will be like adorning the meal with a small vase of flowers – only the vase is a cocktail and the flower is edible!

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Ham and Cheese Waffles


Even if you’re not the most talented home chef, ham and cheese waffles come together quick and easy. All you need is some cheese, a few slices of ham, waffle mix, some sandwich stacking skills and five minutes of your time. Plus, sweet and savory are tastes that moms are always craving.

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Bacon, Egg and Grilled Cheese


Another great brunch sandwich is the bacon, egg and grilled cheese. It requires a bit more skill than the ham and cheese waffles, but as long as you can scramble a few eggs, you’ll be fine. It’s a full brunch served between two thick slices of sourdough, making it a delicious meal that’s easy to eat while relaxing in bed.

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Chorizo Breakfast Hash


The chorizo breakfast hash is the best way to turn Mother’s Day brunch in bed into a fiesta: starchy potatoes underneath spicy chorizo, savory cotija cheese and avocados, topped with a sunny side egg.

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Acai Smoothie Bowl


For the mom that’s watching her waistline, make her this healthy acai smoothie bowl. It’s a filling mixture packed with antioxidants and nutrients from ingredients like chia, coconut oil, hemp seeds and blueberries. It’s also super Instagrammable, so your mom can take to social media to brag about how amazing her child is.

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Biscuits and Gravy


Perhaps your mom is more about the southern comfort. If that’s the case, a classic biscuits and gravy is the perfect way to indulge your mom on Mother’s Day. Plus, she’ll be impressed that you made dense, buttery, flaky biscuits all on your own.  

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