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Falkenberg is a town of around 24,000 people on the west coast of Sweden, an unassuming place that might be best known as the home of Falkenbergs BTK, a sporting organization enthusiastically described as “Sweden’s most beautiful table tennis club!” But, in addition to FBTK’s 10 national table tennis championships, Falkenberg might be celebrating a new honor: a restaurant award, given to the entire town. In a highly unusual move, the White Guide, a Swedish restaurant guide, has nominated the whole of Falkenberg for its “Worth a Trip” prize.

“In Falkenberg, things happen in many areas,” Mikael Mölstad, the founder and editor of the White Guide, said in a statement. “Falkenberg is a breeding ground for entrepreneurship and gastronomy.”

The Local reports that the “Worth a Trip” designation is usually awarded to a restaurant or “other eating experience” – not an entire municipality. "It's really great to have been given the honor of being nominated, it shows that what we do in Falkenberg is appreciated,” Johan Blidberg, a member of Falkenberg’s local food production network, said. “Above all it's a team effort. We love to collaborate and together we make each other better. Thanks to this nomination, the whole of Sweden gets to know that.”

The White Guide, sort of a Nordic-centric Zagat, published its first Swedish edition in 2005 and, each year it rates and reviews more than 900 restaurants and cafes in Sweden and Denmark. It also publishes the White Guide Nordic, an English-language guide to the top restaurants in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, as well as in Greenland and the Faroe Islands. “When it comes to restaurants we reward personality, innovation, sustainability and ambience above all,” the Guide explains. (In 2017, it awarded its top prize, the Global Masters, to Copenhagen’s Geranium).

Last year, Borgmästargården, a coffee shop in Falkenberg, won the White Guide’s Rising Star award given to the best up-and-coming cafe  in the country. And this year, Köket Falkenberg has been nominated in the Rising Star category for Sweden’s top restaurants.

In addition to the town of Falkenberg, the other three nominees in the Worth a Trip category are individual restaurants in Nykvarn, Ystad and Borgafjäll, Sweden. The winners will be announced on Monday, March 5. Hopefully, everyone in Falkenberg was invited to the ceremony.

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