Make these hot cocktails to celebrate the death of winter

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March is finally here, which means we’ve reached that last, grueling stretch of winter – the one where we get a few warm days and convince ourselves the cold is finally gone. But it's not gone. It's going to come back. Probably multiple times.


So try to embrace those last frosty days. Enjoy wearing that new peacoat you were so excited about at the start of the season, eat all the comfort food you can before getting-ready-for-beach season comes, and most importantly, lay around in your pajamas with a friends and enjoy the greatest of all winter pleasures: hot cocktails.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Irish coffee

Make these hot cocktails to celebrate the death of winterPhoto courtesy of Homemade Irish Coffee with Whiskey and Whipped Cream

Start your morning with a cup of this Irish coffee – the long-preferred breakfast of champions for the kind of people who sneak booze into their thermos each morning. But this recipe is for the sophisticated day drinker – made with Teeling small batch (or any other high-quality Irish whisky), orange-zested cream, homemade spiced stout syrup (in case it wasn’t already Irish enough), and freshly grated nutmeg. It’s thick and creamy, and classy enough you don't need to hide it in a thermos.

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Hot toddy


The hot toddy is the godfather of all winter cocktails and it's perfect for every occasion. Simply want to warm up? Need to sooth a cold? Want something to drink between ski runs? The hot toddy has you covered. There are infinite ways to make this whiskey-based drink, but here’s one way we recommend:

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Leaf' Behind


If you’re feeling fancy, you can always switch things up with this souped-up gin-based version of a hot toddy.  The recipe, courtesy of The Botanist, isn’t just as simple as substituting whiskey for gin. The result of mixologists tinkering with a 200-year-old drink, it may not taste like the hot toddy your grandpa grew up drinking – but it’s even more delicious, and quite a bit more complex, with the addition of Cointreau, bitters and two kinds of tea. And it sure is pretty.

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Hot buttered rum


The hot buttered rum is kind of like rum’s answer to the hot toddy – and it’s one to save for an extra cold day, a day where you really don’t plan on doing much moving around, because instead of lemon and honey, this drink is all about spices and butter. Lots of butter. But it’s so worth it.

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Mulled wine


If you’re not into liquor, you’re feeling really lazy, or you just want to reminisce about all that European apres-ski drinking you did in the Alps, make this mulled wine. It’s on the lighter side, it takes all of five minutes to make and it’s absurdly easy to drink – almost too easy.

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Bacon hot chocolate


Don’t feel like drinking alcohol? That’s cool. Get drunk on chocolate – and bacon. Be warned, this drink will feel like you’re doing something naughty even if there’s no booze in it. And that’s because this hot chocolate is made with bacon fat. Necessary? Of course not. A genius idea? Hell yes.

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