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During an appearance in Tampa, Florida, full-time Goop-er and occasional Stark Industries employee Gwyneth Paltrow shared some of the secrets to her aspirational lifestyle. “It’s all about moderation,” she enthusiastically told the crowd. “I love kale, but I also love vodka.” Well good news, Gwyneth, because now those two things are available in one small batch-produced bottle.

Kale-infused Ving Vodka is here, and it promises to be the cleanest, smoothest, organic, non-GMO, sugar-free, gluten-free vodka you’ve ever poured into a glass. If that seems like a lot of qualifiers, it’s by design: company founder Flo Vinger spent more than four years developing a high-quality vodka that also as pure as something that you’ll down in shot form could possibly be. “I couldn’t find a spirit I loved that was in line with my healthy lifestyle,” Vinger explains. “I really drink for flavor and wanted an elegant, delicious, clean cocktail with no mystery ingredients. After searching endlessly, I realized what I wanted didn’t exist: the drink or the brand. So I made my own.”

Vinger told Time Out that she began researching the health benefits of both kale and nutrient-rich vegetable infusions after several members of her family were diagnosed with cancer. "I wondered if anyone had done a kale infusion, so I did my research and found it didn't exist [commercially],” she said.

After several always chemical-and-additive-free experiments (one of which she described as being the unappetizing color of camel pee) she found the right recipe, and soon transitioned into the booze business. She has partnered with a distillery in Ventura, California that has a “corn-based spirit” which she chose because that makes the vodka completely gluten-free. She still personally picks each bunch of kale – along with some flavor-enhancing lemon and cucumber – from certified-organic farms, and she and her dad wash and inspect every ingredient before it goes into the bottle.

Vinger is positioning her kale-infused vodka as a healthier, cleaner choice for adult beverages, making it perfect for people who might chase their SoulCycle class with a light cocktail. “I live smart. Everything I put in my body affects my performance. To be the best, demand the best,” a shirtless dude says in a Ving commercial, after furiously jumping rope on the roof of his apartment building. (What else is he gonna do? It looks like his own place is furnished with only a floor lamp and foam yoga blocks).

Whatever Vinger is doing, it seems to be working: Time Out praised the vodka’s “bright, refreshing” flavor, and it has already won a Silver and a Bronze medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the International Wine & Spirit Competition, respectively.

We hope somebody’s let Gwyneth know what’s up.

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