The procrastinator's guide to Mother's Day shopping for your foodie mom

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Mother’s Day is coming in hot, arriving this Sunday, May 13. If you’re anything like me, you usually scramble at the last minute to get even a card into the mail in time. This year, do better. Here are six last-minute gifts for mom that will remind her just who her favorite child really is.


For the mom with a green thumb

Modern Sprout Brass Grow-Anywhere Growhouse: Let mom skip the trip to the market every time a recipe calls for fresh herbs by adding this tiny greenhouse to her kitchen. Perfect for mothers living their best life in the big city who may not have the luxury of an herb garden out back, the glass-and-brass box is just the thing to liven up any dish with a pinch of fresh this and that. Bonus: it can hang from two wall hooks, so it won’t take up any precious counter space. Buy it here.

For the mom with a discerning sweet tooth

Macaron of the Month Club: The eponymous Dana Loia of Dana’s bakery has been making mouths (and mom’s) happy by shipping her delicate French macarons across the country since 2012. Get two extra months free when you surprise mom with a year-long Macaron of the Month Club subscription. Decadent flavors like Red Velvet, Thin Mint, Fruity Cereal and S’mores will arrive in the mail each month, reminding mom over and over again how much you love her. Buy it here.

For the mom who is ready to upgrade her kitchen game

MasterClass celebrity chef cooking classes: Maybe you wouldn’t subject your poor mother to a daunting day working under world-famous chef (and screamer) Gordon Ramsay, but that doesn’t mean she can’t still learn a thing or two from him. MasterClass, your go-to digital resource to learn singing lessons from Christina Aguilera or tennis lessons from Serena Williams, has a capsule collection featuring some of the world’s greatest chefs. Wolfgang Puck, Alice Waters, Thomas Keller, and Ramsay each having something to teach mom – without any yelling necessary. Buy it here.

For the mom with fresh-pressed juice in her veins

Vitamix E310: Ask anyone in a professional kitchen from the executive chef down to a lowly dishwasher what they use to blend, shred and food process, and they’ll tell you Vitamix, Vitamix and Vitamix. The go-to gadget for making nearly any sauce, juice or aioli is running a monster sale for Mother’s Day this year, knocking up to $100 of most of its models. If puny department store blenders can’t keep up with your mom in the kitchen, Vitamix is just what the recipe calls for. Buy it here.

For the mom who loves her wine 

VacuVin Wine Server & Saver Set: If your mom is the type who feels she has earned a much-needed glass of vino at 5 o’clock every day that ends in a ‘y,’ you can at least do your part to make sure she’s drinking the good stuff. VacuVin forms a vacuum-tight seal as soon as a bottle is corked, allowing you to pour a glass (or two) without exposing the contents within to the harmful degenerative effects of oxidation. Buy it here.

For the mom who hates to cook

Postmates gift card: While I wouldn’t dare ever call my mother old, she may be a bit, let’s say, set in her ways. Not everyone loves to cook! That’s OK. If your mom is more of a whiz at managing the takeout menu rotation, perhaps a Postmates – or UberEats – is a better bet for her. No judgment here! After all, it’s the thought that counts. Buy it here.


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