We're getting an avocado museum this summer – thanks, millennials

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Well avocados, we had a good run, but after an Australian cafe turned you into coffee cups and Virgin Trains offered discounted fares to millennials who carried you into the ticket office, it’s OK if you want to disappe– wait, what? In a final indignity to both the nutrient-dense fruit and the state of California, a pop-up avocado museum is opening this summer in San Diego.

The museum is called The CADO (because of course it is), it promises to stretch the story and history of the avocado through 6,700 square feet of space inside a set of 16 connected shipping containers (because of course it does). “This California Avocado season, immerse yourself in the green you love to ‘gram and emerge with more than just a pretty picture,” the website teases.

According to Delish, the museum will be spread throughout seven rooms that are 100% designed for your social media feed – and the museum’s founders promise that, in addition to photo ops, it provides an “education that doesn’t feel like school.” Visitors will get to listen to the avocado’s origin story on a Walkman (twentysomethings, ask your dad what that is) and will learn about the Mother Hass Tree, which would appear in the 23andMe ancestry results for every Hass avocado in the world.

There is also a 100-foot long hallway with ombre walls that change color as guests pretend that they’re traveling from the avocado’s skin to its center, and a walk-in “Ripe Room,” with walls that recreate the texture of a ripe avocado. (Or you could save $27 and experience the texture of a ripe avocado by visiting your local farmer’s market – but that doesn’t have a sweet hashtag).

The arrival of The CADO has been almost a year in the making, after branding experts (and marketing agency chief execs) Anne Buehner and Mary Carr came up with the idea over lunch last summer. The two were discussing other pop-up museums – like the ultra ‘Grammable Museum of Ice Cream – and wondered whether they could improve upon that experience. They looked at the avocado toast on their plates and the rest, as they say…

“Avocados are already an Instagramable staple in the lives of millennials,” Buehner told Universe.com. “We wanted to dive deeper into its rich story  – how they’re grown, their nutritional value, why buying local is important, and the many other different, delicious ways to prepare it outside of toast and guacamole.”

Tickets for The CADO went on sale earlier this week and, unsurprisingly, they’re going fast. The museum will open on June 16 and is scheduled to stay on-site through August, before packing up and traveling to other yet-to-be-determined U.S. cities. Tickets are $27 for any visitor over the age of 3, except on Wednesday when prices slide to $22 for adults and $12 for kids. Obviously, that leaves more cash to spend in the gift shop – or on avocado toast.

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