10Best Goes to Delray Beach Garlic Fest

  • Delray Beach Garlic Festival

    For the past fourteen years, the city of Delray Beach, Florida has been gathering each February to honor their favorite ingredient at the Delray Beach Garlic Festival. Have you ever tried garlic ice cream? How about garlic funnel cake or garlic fries? If not, here's your chance.

    Photo courtesy of Delray Beach Garlic Festival

  • A Celebration of Good Food

    Garlic lovers from all over come to the Delray Beach Garlic Festival to experience the range of culinary possibilities presented by the stinky bulb. You'll find traditional preparations, like shrimp scampi and garlic bread, as well as more creative offerings, like garlic chicken nachos, garlic Argentine barbeque and the infamous garlic ice cream.

    Photo courtesy of Delray Beach Garlic Festival

  • Lifehouse Performs at Garlic Fest

    Visitors attending the 2013 installment of the festival will be treated to a performance by Lifehouse on the main stage. The band, hailing from Los Angeles, will be performing hits from their six studio albums. For the sake of the front row, let's hope the band members hold off on the garlic ice cream until after their performance.

    Photo courtesy of Delray Beach Garlic Festival

  • See Pepper Live in Concert

    Hawaiian band Pepper will also be performing, as well as Billy Joel and the Eagles cover bands, the Jay Blues Band and the Andy Childs Band. That means plenty of live music to dance off all those garlicky calories.

    Photo courtesy of Delray Beach Garlic Festival

  • Entertainment for the Whole Family

    Aside from the food, the Delray Beach Garlic Festival will also feature a kids entertainment area, an eclectic collection of vendors selling quirky gifts and souvenirs, a Garlic Chef competition and Garlic University, a place where kids can come learn all about garlic. They can even plant their own garlic seeds to take home.

    Photo courtesy of Delray Beach Garlic Festival

  • Meet Mr. Garlic

    When you're at the festival, keep an eye out for Mr. Garlic. He is to the Delray Beach Garlic Festival what Mickey Mouse is to Disneyland, so get your picture with him before you leave.

    Photo courtesy of Delray Beach Garlic Festival

  • Cloves & Vines Wine Garden

    While the kids are off having fun, adults get to have some fun of their own at the Cloves & Vines Wine Garden, where you can sample wines from around the world (don't worry, they don't have garlic in them). If you're in the mood for something a little more potent, the Garlic Oasis Bar has you covered.

    Photo courtesy of Alex Brown

  • Delray Beach

    A Day at the Beach

    There's a lot more to Delray Beach than garlic. The beach for starters. If you find yourself needing some fresh air, head out for a day kicking back on this long stretch of Atlantic coast, soaking up Florida's famous sun.

    Photo courtesy of Callie Reed

  • Max's Harvest - A Delray Beach Favorite

    For some of the best fine dining in Delray, head over to Max's Harvest for farm-to-table cuisine cooked up by Chef Chris Miracolo, the runner up in last year's Garlic Chef competition. While the menu changes to reflect seasonal ingredients, garlic is sure to make an appearance in Chef Miracolo's kitchen.

    Photo courtesy of Max's Harvest

  • Stay at the Colony Hotel

    While you're attending the Garlic Festival, book a stay at Delray's historic Colony Hotel, located in the heart of Delray's historic center. The hotel has been family owned since 1935 and offers luxurious accommodations right on the beach.

    Photo courtesy of Colony Hotel & Cabaña Club