A map of the 2018 James Beard Award nominees

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The 2018 James Beard Award nominees were officially announced yesterday, and pouring over the list of chefs, restaurants, restaurateurs, designers, writers, producers, etc. tends to be overwhelming – if not hunger-inducing.

So, we made this handy map so you can see where you should plan your next trip (or where to eat in your city). Happy eating!

*A quick note: We left out several categories from this map, including best restaurateur, best restaurant design and best service. We also included cities like Venice and Santa Monica as part of Los Angeles simply for viewing ease, but listed all 37 cities (including those two) on the chart below the map. 

The list of nominees below the map is organized by city, but to view by category, simply click on "Award Category." And click here to check out the best food stories from 2018, according to James Beard.

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