Diners Across America

  • Blue Benn Diner, Bennington VT

    Ensconced in a fabulously old school diner car in Bennington, VT, the Blue Benn Diner serves, as one would expect in such an atmosphere, classic diner food. Sporting only eight booths (patrons seat themselves on the honor system) and with specials scrawled on every free inch of wall space, the Blue Benn Diner sports far more than retro character. Try the corn bread French toast.

    Photo courtesy of Blue Benn Diner

  • Mini donuts at Nickel Diner

    Nickel Diner, Los Angeles

    A charming diner with a modern menu in downtown LA, the Nickel Diner is perhaps best known for its pastries. Don't fret if you're cutting carbs and craving their cakes or donuts or cupcakes, though–most pastries come in mini versions.

    Photo courtesy of KayOne73

  • Tom's Restaurant, New York City

    One could make a convincing argument that Tom's Restaurant is the most iconic diners in New York history. Aside from the fact that the restaurant's exterior was used to stand in for Monk's Diner in the legendary television show Seinfeld, the song was also the setting for Suzanne Vega's 1987 song "Tom's Diner," and Barack Obama and John McCain have both cited it as a favorite haunt in the City.

    Photo courtesy of n8kowald

  • 24Diner - Austin, TX

    The 24Diner evokes all the best elements of a classic American diner, and deliberately passes on some of the more  sordid elements. In other words, it looks like a greasy spoon, but the food is so much more. Comfort food (think chicken and waffles) sits alongside local and organic choices on the menu, and the diner boasts an impressive beer and wine list.

    Photo courtesy of 24Diner

  • 66 Diner Albuquerque

    This '50's style diner features what some would call the best burgers and shakes in the ABQ, with famously friendly service to boot. A full soda fountain and a classic juke box, along with top notch blue plate specials, round out the experience.

    Photo courtesy of 66 Diner

  • Becky's of Hobson's Wharf, Portland ME

    A favorite destination for truly authentic New England clam chowder, Becky's Diner, located on Hobson's Wharf, it's a favorite haunt of locals. Expect fresh seafood throughout the menu, which is heavily dominated by breakfast, including dishes like the spectacular lobster omelette. Becky's opens at 4am seven days a week for the early breakfast crowd.

    Photo courtesy of Paul Lowry

  • Avalon Diner in Houston TX

    Fair warning, the Avalon Diner gets crowded quite fast. But not to worry, as the service is so lightning fast that tables turn over quickly. Pancakes, eggs, and bacon are the way to go here–classic breakfast fare executed with absolute perfection.

    Photo courtesy of Avalon Diner

  • Ruth's Diner, Salt Lake City

    Ruth's Diner isn't just a recreation of a classic diner, it's the real deal. With a history stretching back to 1930, Ruth's is the second oldest restaurant in Salt Lake City. The diner has received enormous attention from the Food Network and outer media outlets, but it's also stayed true to its roots and maintained its neighborhood vibe. Try the breakfast burritos.

    Photo courtesy of Ruth's Diner

  • Peggy Sue's Diner, Yermo CA

    Peggy Sue's reopened in 1987, but the roadside diner dates back to 1954. The diner is adjacent to Diner-saur Park, which is great for a stroll and ideal especially for children. There's also an on-site five and dime store that sells an array of vintage-style items.

    Photo courtesy of mark_donoher

  • Mickey's Dining Car, St. Paul MN

    Located in Minnesota, Mickey's Dining Car has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1983. It's been featured in a number of films (including The Mighty Ducks) and is frequently cited on Food Network across a variety of programs. Predictably, the menu is classic diner fare executed in the most authentic fashion.

    Photo courtesy of kkmarais