Don't Miss: Famous Restaurants Along Route 66

  • Missouri - Ted Drewes Frozen Custard
  • Kansas - 4 Women on the Route
  • Oklahoma - Clanton's Cafe
  • Texas - Midpoint Cafe & Gift Shop
  • New Mexico - Owl Cafe
  • New Mexico #2 - Bobcat Bite
  • Arizona - Delgadillo's Snow Cap Drive-In
  • California - Bagdad Cafe
  • California - Big Dean's Oceanfront Cafe
  • Vintage Dell Rhea's road sign

    Illinois - Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket

    You'll find Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket in the town of Willowbrook, just a few miles outside of Chicago. This famous fried chicken joint opened in the late 1930s as a gas station lunch counter before opening a larger shop on Route 66 in 1946. If you need some nourishment before setting off on your road trip, head up to the counter at Dell Rhea's and order a basket.

    Photo courtesy of S Jones

  • Missouri - Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

    Missouri - Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

    The Show-Me State contains 317 miles of Route 66 and a handful of famous eateries, including Ted Drewes Frozen Custard in St. Louis. The rich vanilla custard – said to be the best in the state – is made from eggs, cream and honey and can be blended with dozens of ingredients. If you're passing through St. Louis during the holiday season, Ted Drewes is famous for its Christmas trees as well.

    Photo courtesy of Philip Leara

  • Kansas - 4 Women on the Route

    Kansas - 4 Women on the Route

    With only 13 miles, Kansas has the smallest portion of Route 66 of any state it passes through. If you're looking for refreshment during those few short miles, pull in to the famous 4 Women on the Route in Galena. Housed in an old Kan-O-Tex service station, the eatery serves diner-style comfort food and excellent smoothies. Don't forget to snap a picture with Tow Tater, the inspiration behind the Cars character Tow Mater.

    Photo courtesy of Pirate Alice

  • Oklahoma - Clanton's Cafe

    Oklahoma - Clanton's Cafe

    The Clanton family has been serving food to hungry drivers passing through Vinita, Oklahoma since 1927, making Clanton's the oldest continually-owned family restaurant in the state. Come hungry, because the home-style menu is fit for big appetites, and their signature chicken fried steak is considered one of the best dishes anywhere on Route 66.

    Photo courtesy of Tydence Davis

  • Texas - Midpoint Cafe & Gift Shop

    Texas - Midpoint Cafe & Gift Shop

    When you drive into the town of Adrian, TX, you'll be exactly 1139 miles from both Chicago and Santa Monica, making it the midpoint of Route 66 and the perfect place to stop for a bite to eat. Save room for a slice of Midpoint Cafe's Ugly Crust Pie after your burger ... they're made from an old family recipe.

    Photo courtesy of QuesterMark

  • New Mexico - Owl Cafe

    New Mexico - Owl Cafe

    As you drive down Route 66, you'll spend the most time in New Mexico, the state with 487 miles of the famous road. The food scene along Route 66 in this southwestern state is characterized by one dish: the green chile cheeseburger. Many restaurants claim the dish as their own, but Albuquerque's Owl Cafe certainly serves one of the tastiest.

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  • Famous New Mexico green chile cheeseburger

    New Mexico #2 - Bobcat Bite

    Since you'll be spending so much Route 66 time in New Mexico, it only makes sense that you'd eat here twice. Santa Fe's Bobcat Bite is another cafe claiming to be the home of the green chile cheeseburger. While you might not get to the bottom of the story, you can at least try one here as well and determine who has the best burger on the Mother Road.

    Photo courtesy of Marshall Astor

  • Arizona - Delgadillo's Snow Cap Drive-In

    Arizona - Delgadillo's Snow Cap Drive-In

    When Delgadillo's Snow Cap Drive-In opened in 1953, it was clear that owner Juan Delgadillo had quite the sense of humor. The backyard of the Seigman, Arizona restaurant is filled with kitschy memorabilia, and you'll still see Juan's old 1936 Chevrolet out front, decked out with paint, horns and even an artificial Christmas tree. Today, Juan's children run the shop and still serve some of the best milkshakes to be had along the road.

    Photo courtesy of PMDrive1061

  • Inside the Bagdad Cafe

    California - Bagdad Cafe

    Prince Albert of Monaco once ate at the Bagdad Cafe in Newberry Springs, CA (he ordered a grilled cheese sandwich) and was one of many celebrity guests of this famous Route 66 cafe. The modest diner is no stranger to the silver screen either; it's been featured in the 1988 film and 1990 series of the same name. Many of the menu items are named after characters.

    Photo courtesy of EverJean

  • End of the Trail sign at Santa Monica Pier

    California - Big Dean's Oceanfront Cafe

    You've done it! Santa Monica marks the end point of Route 66, and you can celebrate your epic journey with some food and festivities on Santa Monica Pier. One of the most iconic restaurants on the boardwalk is Big Dean's Oceanfront Cafe, where celebrities like George C. Scott, Evel Knievel and Arnold Schwarzenegger eat alongside beach-loving tourists.

    Photo courtesy of mLu|fotos


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