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Most New Yorkers have a love-hate relationship with the place they call home, but traveling tends to make us appreciate certain things about the city that never sleeps – namely that, well, it's always awake. The 24-hour subway system, bars and clubs open to the wee hours of the morning, and – perhaps above all – a wide variety of late-night dining options have spoiled us to the core (sorry, I had to).


But according to a not-at-all scientific report from Four Loko, New York isn't even America's top city for late-night eats. That honor belongs to... drumroll... Washington, D.C.

While I wouldn't normally trust a brand most famous for getting college-aged binge drinkers blackout drunk, I will say this: If there is one thing Four Loko can probably tell you, it's where to get food after 2 a.m. – an hour where you're almost definitely intoxicated if you're considering inhaling that pile of home fries and macaroni salad topped with cheeseburger patties slathered in a mysterious, oily meat sauce.


The report took a look at the 20 cities on Amazon's shortlist of possible locations for its second headquarters, and ranked them according to six categories: number of late-night options based on Google Maps search results, variety of cuisine, average restaurant Google rating, number of 24-hour restaurants, average closing time and accessibility of restaurants to public transit.

While New York had a significantly better transit score, number of 24-hour restaurants and later average closing time (3:15 am to 2:30 am), D.C. had an average restaurant rating of 4.2 to New York's 4.1 – which was apparently enough to give D.C. the top spot.

Should Amazon move to a city like Raleigh, Nashville or Indianapolis, employees working late better pack a midnight snack, because the late-night eating options are few and far between.


Here's the complete rankings:

20. Raleigh, North Carolina

19. Nashville

18. Northern Virginia

17. Indianapolis

16. Columbus, Ohio

15. Toronto

14. Newark

13. Montgomery County, Maryland


12. Dallas

11. Austin

10. Pittsburgh

9. Denver

8. Atlanta

7. Philadelphia

6. Los Angeles*

5. Boston

4. Miami

3. Chicago

2. New York

1.Washington, D.C.

*Los Angeles wasn't actually listed anywhere on Four Loko's report, but I figured it was No. 6 by process of elimination. I hope Four Loko forgives the person responsible for this error, as they may have been suffering the effects of drinking Four Loko. 


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