These illustrations depict untranslatable cultural eating habits

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Here at the Eat Sip Trip offices – which could be anywhere from a coworking space in Berlin to a hostel dorm room in Peru, depending on the day – our favorite reason to travel is to eat. It's not just about what we eat, but how we eat it.

There’s something to be said about scarfing down street tacos in Mexico City or devouring a margherita pizza in Naples. But the real joy of eating on the road is experiencing the nuances of another culture: Having dinner that goes past midnight in Spain, eating rice with your hands in India, navigating an entire minefield’s worth of customs in Japan.

There are just some things that are so ingrained in a country’s culinary culture that they have their own not-quite-translatable phrases – for example: Kalsarikannit, Finland’s love of drinking at home in your underwear (literally "underwear drunkenness"). Expedia recently made a series of illustrations depicting some of the world’s most unique culinary idioms. Check them out below.



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