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America, go home. You're drunk.

Versus Blog recently used Google search analytics to discover the most popular cocktails in each state, and the results resemble the bar tab of a fraternity at happy hour.

Basically, according to Google, we have really terrible taste in alcoholic beverages. The most popular cocktails in the United states, with six states each claiming them as their No. 1: The Long Island iced tea and the whiskey sour. That's roughly one of out every four states choosing one of these binge-drinking favorites. 

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The considerably higher class Moscow Mule (it comes in a copper mug, after all) took third place with five states, while brunchers in four states each seem to really love starting their days with mimosas and tequila sunrises.

Among the biggest surprises of the research is that two states claimed the margarita as their number one, and neither are warm-weather Texas, but (often) cold-weather Kansas and New Hampshire. And classics like the bloody Mary (Minnesota), Manhattan (Vermont), martini (Nevada) and old fashioned (Wisconsin) only got love from one state each.

The world makes no sense. I’m off to go have a Long Island iced tea.

Photo courtesy of Photo via Versus

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