10 Must-See Baseball Museums

  • 10 Must-See Baseball Museums

    Baseball is a America's pastime, a storied game steeped in tradition and history. The game has evolved just as much as the country over the years, and in some aspects has outpaced it in terms of progress. These 10 baseball museums sprinkled throughout the U.S. will enrich your mind and stoke your curiosity for the game's legend. 

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  • The National Baseball Hall of Fame

    The Baseball Hall of Fame is the preeminent baseball museum in the world. Nestled in historic Cooperstown, the place lives and breathes the great American game. Each year, MLB votes on new Hall of Famers, who are forever enshrined in the museums's Plaque Gallery. Relics from legendary baseball players are on display at all times, including bats, gloves and jerseys from greats like Ted Williams, Babe Ruth and Willie Mays. 

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  • Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum

    If you know baseball, or have watched the movie "8 Men Out", you know about Shoeless Joe Jackson. One of only a few players to receive baseball's death penalty (lifetime banishment), Shoeless Joe has a great museum and research library dedicated to him in his hometown of Greenville, SC. The museum is actually housed in the same residence where Joe lived and died and sits just behind downtown's Fluor Field. On display are many of Joe's game items, including some worn/used during the Black Sox scandal. 

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  • Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

    It's sad to think that some of baseball's greatest talents were never afforded the opportunity to showcase their skills in the Major Leagues due to the game's racial divide. Players like Josh Gibson, referred to as the "black Babe Ruth" were forced to barnstorm around the country, playing in the Negro Leagues. Learn more about players like Gibson, Buck O'Neil and Satchel Paige at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, MO. 

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  • B's Ballpark Museum (National Ballpark Museum)

    One of the lesser known baseball museums is B's Ballpark Museum in Denver, Colorado. The museum houses a collection of artifacts from some the greatest ballparks past and present. Recognized by the Smithsonian as one of the top private baseball collections in the world, the museum displays include now-demolished ballpark seats, bricks and a piece of the old "Green Monster". 

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  • Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame

    This shrine to baseball's greatest hitters is located in St. Pete, FL inside Tropicana Field. The exhibits here are newer and fresher than a lot of the other museums on this list, and many of the inductees often stop by for autograph sessions. Currently on display is the "Triple Crown" exhibit (featuring relics from Miguel Cabrera, Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams himself). A 50-seat auditorium is on hand, showing historic baseball films throughout the day. 

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  • Ty Cobb Museum

    Arguably baseball's greatest player of all-time, Ty Cobb (the "Georgia Peach") has a museum dedicated to his namesake in Royston, GA. The museum showcases original Ty Cobb photographs, game-used items and his 1907 batting champ award. There is also a theater showing Cobb-related footage. Cobb was a ruthless player, never shying away from controversy yet always producing on the field. Check this place out to learn more about the legend of this great American ballplayer.

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  • Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

    Wood bats have been apart of baseball since its creation, and Louisville Slugger has been providing the majority of those since 1884. Coincidentally located in Louisville, KY, the museum and factory of the famous bat maker is a must attend for any baseball lover. See how bats are made firsthand, and check out the Signature Wall to see all the player inscriptions burned into bats over the years. The "Walk of Fame" is an amazing outdoor exhibit. 

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  • Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum

    Babe Ruth is likely the most recognizable baseball player in the game's history. The Yankee legend's birthplace and museum is located in Baltimore, Maryland, close by to where the Orioles play. The exhibits here not only document Ruth's on-the-field successes, but also his status as a celebrity and American icon. One display takes you inside the actual bedroom where "The Babe" was born.

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  • Little League Baseball Museum

    Everyone remembers playing Little League. Nowadays, the Little League World Series games are televised throughout the month of August, putting the kids under the national spotlight. What ever happens to these young ones? At the Little League Museum in South Williamsport, PA, you find out that some go on to play pro, while others become actors, writers and just generally great human beings. This is a great place to inspire a young baseball lover. 

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  • Baseball Wax Museum

    Also located in baseball mecca Cooperstown, NY is the Baseball Wax Museum. A perfect complimentary destination to the Baseball Hall of Fame, the wax museum houses more than 30 life-like wax figures of baseball's most recognizable players. Snap a picture with greats like Jackie Robinson and Joltin' Joe DiMaggio. The museum also has a virtual reality batting cage, pitting guests against classic MLB fire-ballers. 

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