10Best: Neon Boneyard a Different Kind of "Museum"

  • Out With The Old
  • Once A Lucky Lamp
  • Guided Tours Only
  • A Spooky Silver Slipper
  • Tubes Bent By Hand
  • Dust to Dust
  • Gone Missing
  • Bulbs, Neon or Both
  • Restored Glory
  • Las Vegas Neon Boneyard Site

    Every Sign Has A Story

    Visually stunning and steeped in pop culture history, the Neon Boneyard is an outdoor space that is a part of the Neon Museum. It's where the neon signs of yesterday's Las Vegas signs get a second life as these bright lights make way for more-efficient LED and LCD signs. Over 150 neon signs dating back to the 1930s rest in peace here. The site recently reopened to include a park and a visitor's center.

    Photo courtesy of offerdavidi

  • The sign from the Golden Nugget hotel

    Out With The Old

    The Golden Nugget Hotel still exists, but with new signage. It's the largest casino in downtown Las Vegas, built around two aquariums and home to the world's largest gold nugget on display. This sign was removed in 1984 as a part of an extensive renovation. Built in 1946, the Golden Nugget is one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas.

    Photo courtesy of Tadson

  • Aladdin's Lamp from the former Aladdin Hotel

    Once A Lucky Lamp

    The Aladdin Hotel opened in 1966, to a performance by Jackie Mason. A year later it was the site of Elvis and Priscilla Presley's wedding. After improvements and multiple owners (including Wayne Newton) the hotel was closed in 1997 with the majority of the resort imploded a year later. Aladdin's Lamp, which sat on top of the hotel marquee, is now a popular Neon Boneyard feature.

    Photo courtesy of juliemacnam

  • Take a walk through the Neon Boneyard

    Guided Tours Only

    Tours of the Neon Boneyard are offered Monday through Saturday starting at 10:00am and run every half hour until sunset. Bring water and sunscreen as an outdoor tour in the Las Vegas sun can be--hot. A guided tour is the only way to see the museum, so reservations are highly recommended. Tickets may be purchased online.

    Photo courtesy of Gribiche

  • The silver slipper in front of the new visitors center

    A Spooky Silver Slipper

    The big silver slipper that now points toward the new Visitors Center, is said to have once spooked Howard Hughes. Legend has it that he believed that this slipper, which once revolved outside the Silver Slipper casino, paused while pointing at his nearby penthouse. He assumed there was government surveillance equipment inside. Hughes bought the Silver Slipper casino and had the revolving slipper filled with concrete.

    Photo courtesy of S. MiRK

  • Neon duck

    Tubes Bent By Hand

    Some say it's cute while others lean toward creepy, but the sign from the Ugly Duckling Car Sales now lives in the Neon Boneyard. This photo gives you a good look at the duck's neon tubes, which were painstakingly bent by hand and filled with a purified mix of gases, including neon, that carry an electric current. Neon tubes can last for decades.

    Photo courtesy of Lord Jim

  • Sign from the Stardust Resort and Casino

    Dust to Dust

    The outer space-themed Stardust Resort and Casino was imploded in 2007 in a large ceremony including fireworks. The iconic sign was 216 feet across and made up of 7100 feet of neon tubing and 11,000 bulbs. When lit, it was reported that the sign could be seen from 60 miles away. The movie Casino was based on the Stardust, but the names and location in the movie were changed for legal reasons.

    Photo courtesy of Lord Jim

  • The Glass Pool Inn sign in it's former glory

    Gone Missing

    In June 2012, the Glass Pool Inn sign disappeared. It had been taken down and was being stored in a locked area, waiting for transport to the Neon Boneyard. The Inn was famous for an elevated glass pool featuring round glass portals, allowing passers-by to see inside the pool. The sign's disappearance remains a mystery.

    Photo courtesy of larrylobster

  • Las Vegas bulb sign

    Bulbs, Neon or Both

    Signs in the Neon Boneyard aren't all neon as some have just thousands of glass bulbs or both bulbs and neon. Keep in mind that the Neon Boneyard is a rugged experience. You're not allowed to touch the signs and there may be broken glass around. Wear close-toed shoes and keep an eye on young kids.

    Photo courtesy of S. MiRK

  • Aladdin's Lamp Restored

    Restored Glory

    This Aladdin's Lamp from the Aladdin Hotel and Casino was restored by the Neon Museum an is now a fixture on the corner of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard. Take a self-guided walking tour near the Fremont Street Experience to see this lamp as well as other restored signs, such as the Hacienda Horse and Rider.

    Photo courtesy of soupstance


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