National Yoga Month: Strike a Pose (in a beautiful place!)

  • Yoga by the azurine Gulf of Mexico in Riviera Maya

    September is National Yoga Month

    The peaceful Gulf of Mexico offers a tranquil spot with gently rolling surf and lovely views - perfect for yoga.  Pictured here: the beach at Grand Velais Riviera Maya on Mexico's beautiful Yucatan coast.    

    Photo courtesy of Grand Velais Riviera Maya

  • Chris Chavez Yoga at Vancouver's Spanish Banks

    Vancouver's Lululemon Athletica Inspires Yoga Around the World

    We were looking for yoga travel pics and stumbled across Vancouver-based Lululemon Athletica, which makes "technical clothing for yoga, dancing, running, and most other sweaty pursuits."  The company started by sharing space with a yoga studio, and now its yoga apparel is available across Canada, the US and Australia. 

    Photo courtesy of Lululemon Athletica

  • Washington D.C. is one of many urban areas where yoga is done in public spaces

    A Wheel in Whistler to Celebrate National Yoga Month

    Whistler B.C. is one of those "bucket list" sort of places, but we rarely get to see it in its winter glory.   The thought of doing a little yoga in this winter wonderland makes us kind of tingly.   Hmmm . . . flight to Vancouver, rent an SUV . . . 

    Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica

  • Yoga near Durango, Colorado in the Four Corners Area of the USA

    Durango in SW Colorado

    What is it about lush mountain settings and yoga devotees?  Here's a happy pose to celebrate the end of a 15 mile hike, near beautiful Durango, Colorado in the Four Corners area.  Ready to pack a bag with yoga clothes

    Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica

  • Yosemite's Half Dome is a yoga setting with a big view

    Half-Dome Rocks as a Spot for Yoga

    This "season in lotus" pose looks especially tranquil when done on the peak of Yosemite's Half Dome mountain.  Where are you dreaming of practicing?    

    Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica

  • A yoga pose looks easier in beautiful Santorini

    Chilling in Santorini, Greece

    Got the blues?  Head for the coast of Greece and reinterpret blue with a little yoga and an unavoidable attitude adjustment.  What are you waiting for?  

    Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica

  • A little alpine fresh air, a little yoga, a little sunshine

    Yoga in the Alps: A Peak Experience!

    We found this inspiring pic (and most of the others) in Lululemon Athletica's online gallery of poses around the world.  If this doesn't inspire you to put on some yoga clothes and strike a pose, nothing will!  

    Photo courtesy of lululemonathletica

  • Boulder's healthy lifestyle includes yoga for many residents

    Boulder is Brimming with Yoga Afficianados

    A healthy lifestyle is part of the mantra for residents (and visitors) in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  Yoga with a view of the Flatirons - or in the nearby Rockies - is just part of the lifestyle.  Where do we sign up?  

    Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica

  • Think yoga is just for terra firma?  Think again!

    Yoga in - and under! - St. Croix

     St. Croix in the eye-popping Caribbean offers plenty of delicious spots for yoga on dry land - but why limit yourself?  SCUBA can lend itself to a few minutes of practice in a friction-free underwater setting.  

    Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica