10Best Checks Out Dubai's Burj al Arab Hotel

  • It's All in the Details
  • Stay on Top of the World
  • Tennis Anyone?
  • It Takes a Village
  • Assawan Spa
  • World-Class Restaurants
  • Live Like Royalty
  • Have a Drink at the Skyview Bar
  • A Family-Friendly Resort
  • Burj al Arab at sunset

    Burj al Arab - The Ultimate Luxury Experience

    Seven-star hotel ratings may not actually exist, but if any hotel were to deserve that achievement, the Burj al Arab would certainly fit the bill. There's nothing subtle about the sail-shaped hotel jutting out of the Gulf of Dubai. Inside and out, this place oozes luxury.

    Photo courtesy of Burj al Arab

  • Looking down on the hotel lobby

    It's All in the Details

    A staff of highly trained butlers, reception desks on every floor, a fleet of chauffeur driven Rolls Royce to pick you up, a jacuzzi in every suite (did we mention every room is a suite?)...this place has thought of everything, and those are just the basics. Very important guests get helicopter pickups and are greeted with a fireworks display to announce their arrival. Talk about making an entrance.

    Photo courtesy of Burj al Arab

  • Burj al Arab infinity pool

    Stay on Top of the World

    Towering a whopping 1,053 feet, the Burj al Arab is the tallest all-suite hotel on earth. That means you'll have spectacular views whether you're swimming in the infinity pool, lounging on your bed or having a cocktail in the Skyview Bar.

    Photo courtesy of Burj al Arab

  • Tennis court/ helicopter landing pad

    Tennis Anyone?

    When helicopters aren't dropping off guests, the landing pad doubles as the world's highest tennis court. That's not the only record this hotel holds; it also has the world's tallest atrium featuring a dancing fountain that spews water more than 130 feet into the air.

    Photo courtesy of Brett Jordan

  • Diwania Library

    It Takes a Village

    It took 3,000 contractors and design companies, 250 designers and 3,500 workers on site daily to complete the resort over the course of five years. The hotel's interior features 30 different types of marble and over 5,000 square feet of 24-carat gold leafing. Chandeliers were imported from the UK, rugs from India and marble from Italy to add the finishing touches.

    Photo courtesy of Burj al Arab

  • Assawan Spa amphitheater

    Assawan Spa

    Located on the eighteenth floor, the Assawan Spa was inspired by ancient bath houses of the Middle East. When you're not enjoying a light snack in the Roman-style amphitheater or getting pampered, you'll have two infinity pools, two gyms, a squash court and a yoga studio overlooking the Arabian Gulf at your disposal.

    Photo courtesy of Burj al Arab

  • A table at Al Mahara

    World-Class Restaurants

    With six restaurants to choose from, you'll never have to leave the hotel during your stay. Dine on fine seafood next to a saltwater aquarium at Al Mahara, enjoy the breathtaking views from Al Muntaha on the twenty-seventh floor or take in the hotel's impressive exterior while dining beach-side at Majlis Al Bahar.

    Photo courtesy of Burj al Arab

  • Royal Suite

    Live Like Royalty

    Each of the Burj al Arab's 202 suites comes equipped with 42-inch plasma TVs, nearly 100 channels, a workstation with a laptop and free internet access and a minimum of 14 phones. Besides the tech extras, guests enjoy a 17-option pillow menu, floor-to-ceiling windows and electronically controlled curtains.

    Photo courtesy of Burj al Arab

  • Skyview Bar

    Have a Drink at the Skyview Bar

    If you want to check out the Burj al Arab without spending a small fortune on a room, make reservations for drinks at the Skyview Bar. Located on the twenty-seventh floor, the bar offers some of the best views in Dubai, and a team of trained mixologists will pour you a personalized cocktail and even give you the recipe.

    Photo courtesy of Burj al Arab

  • Outdoor pool

    A Family-Friendly Resort

    Traveling with kids? The Burj al Arab will equip your room with game consoles, toys and board games, and a treat trolly will stop by daily. Guests of the hotel are given unlimited access to a private beach, outdoor swimming pool and the 12-acre Arabian-themed Wild Wadi Water Park. If you need some alone time for a romantic dinner, the staff will arrange in-suite babysitting.

    Photo courtesy of Burj al Arab


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