Luxury Hotels in Thailand

  • Riverside Luxury at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

    Some of Thailand's finest luxury is found along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, where the Mandarin Oriental ( occupies a prime spot and for years has been known as the Grand Dame of all the Bangkok hotels. Serving esteemed guests for over a century, the Mandarin Oriental is still considered the benchmark to go by when it comes to luxury hotels.

    Photo courtesy of Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

  • The Opulent Jim Thompson Suite

    Visitors can opt for suites like the fabled Jim Thompson, where Thai silks, colorful carpets, and antique art pieces dazzle the guest just as much as the stunning river views.

    Photo courtesy of Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

  • Enjoying the Chao Phraya River at the Mandarin Oriental

    Part of the appeal of the Mandarin Oriental is its location on the banks of the Chao Phraya, offering guests the chance to unwind and see Bangkok as it used to be, known as the Venice of the East. The resort's shuttle boat makes leisurely crossings to the various restaurants, spas, and bar areas that are part of the Mandarin world and straddle both sides of the languidly flowing river.

    Photo courtesy of Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

  • Earth Room at the Sofitel So Bangkok

    For something completely different, try the cutting edge Sofitel So Bangkok, where creative urban architecture offers guests rooms themed on different elements. Try the earth rooms, which have mysterious blue themes and give one the feeling of a hideaway cave..

    Photo courtesy of Sofitel So Bangkok

  • Metal Room at the Sofitel So Bangkok

    The "metal" rooms here feature lots of whites and glass and are a symbol of modernity. All of the themed rooms here were the visions of several noted Thai designers who used inspiration from the surroundings: leafy Lumpini Park on one side and urban Sathorn Road on the other, to create an oasis in the middle of the metropolis.

    Photo courtesy of Sofitel So Bangkok

  • City Panorama from Hi So Bar

    The Park Society restaurant and adjoining Hi So Bar here give the best Lumpini Park views in town, and the open deck is a great place to take in Bangkok sunsets and the night cityscape.

    Photo courtesy of Sofitel So Bangkok

  • Room for a King, St. Regis Bangkok

    St. Regis is known worldwide as a regal brand, but the St. Regis Bangkok is in a class of its own. Not only do the rooms and suites come with grand bay windows and ultra plush furnishings, they also come with personal butlers to take care of your every whim!

    Photo courtesy of St. Regis Bangkok

  • The Royal Bangkok Sports Club from the St. Regis

    The most unique feature of this downtown property is its location. The hotel sits adjacent to the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, and looks out over the horse racing grounds. On weekends, the Regis Bar offers guests the opportunity to watch the races for free while sipping the local signature Siam Mary, a Bloody Mary made with Thai spices!

    Photo courtesy of St. Regis Bangkok

  • Horse Races in Bed, Luxury at the St. Regis

    Or for those too lazy to make it to the bar, well, the views out the windows of one's room to the race track are just about as good.

    Photo courtesy of St. Regis Bangkok

  • Welcome Horse Carriage at the Dhara Dhevi

    Luxury in Thailand is not only confined to Bangkok. In Chiang Mai, the Dhara Dhevi is one of the most unique and exotic stays in the world. A horse and carriage greets visitors at the gate of a a setting that looks far more like a historical Lanna palace complex than a hotel.

    Photo courtesy of Dave Stamboulis

  • Rice Paddies and Plenty of Space at the Dhara Dhevi

    Set on 60 private acres of tropical greenery, villas here are made from converted rice barns, and look out on working rice paddies and gardens, giving the feel of rural Thai life, yet in complete opulence.

    Photo courtesy of Dhara Dhevi

  • Swimming Pool of Dreams at the Dhara Dhevi

    With a mix of colonial,  Lanna, and Burmese temple architecture, not to mention huge swimming pools, the Dhara Dhevi is one of those spots that keeps boutique property lovers nodding their heads in amazement.

    Photo courtesy of Dave Stamboulis

  • The Mysterious World of the Barai

    Hua Hin is the preferred weekend beach getaway for Bangkokians.  The Barai, the elaborate spa located in the Hyatt Regency, gives real meaning to the word pamper.  Somewhat of a cross between Angkor Wat, a Moroccan riad, and a scene from Star Wars, this unbelievable spa has a series of maze-like passageways which lead visitors into the Tranquility Court, where integrated columns and pools create an other worldly feeling.

    Photo courtesy of Dave Stamboulis

  • Spa Treatments Deluxe at the Barai

    The amazing resort was created by noted Thai designer guru Lek Bunnag, and the suites, along with the spa treatments, are sublime. Non guests can do treatments here as well, but staying inside the Barai is about as close to a total luxury escape as you can get.

    Photo courtesy of Dave Stamboulis

  • Private Pool Suite at the Barai

    The opulent guest quarters come with private plunge pools along with personal butlers, and after a few treatments, you may find yourself floating far far away.

    Photo courtesy of The Barai Hua Hin

  • Aerial View of the Soneva Kiri Koh Kood

    While many of the Thai islands have become overcrowded and overdeveloped, leaving visitors wondering how to find real escapism, sleepy Koh Kood still retains plenty of charm, and its best kept secret, the Soneva Kiri has large villas tucked into the jungle above a pristine beach.

    Photo courtesy of Soneva Kiri

  • Tree Pod Dining at the Soneva Kiri

    The resort panders to those with Robinson Crusoe fantasies, even providing a "tree pod" to dine in, where guests get hoisted above the rainforest canopy in a bamboo pod, and waiters on ziplines arrive serving gourmet treats!

    Photo courtesy of Soneva Kiri

  • A Royal Welcome at the Phulay Bay

    The Phulay Bay is a Ritz Carlton luxury reserve set off the Andaman Coast south of Krabi. While the resort was made popular by the Hollywood film Hangover II, which used the resort as a setting, the film never showed the entryway into the sanctuary, where visitors practically walk across water into a golden pavilion, while a gong chimes to welcome guests like royalty.

    Photo courtesy of Phulay Bay

  • Floating on Candles at the Phulay Bay

    The pavilion is lit up with hundreds of candles at night, all part of the visionary design by famed Thai resort architect Lek Bunnag (who also created the aforementioned Barai Spa).

    Photo courtesy of Phulay Bay

  • Suite for a Celebrity at the Phulay Bay

    The royal villas, with private plunge pools and huge baths, are suited for superstars, and indeed, the cast of the Hangover and other luminaries have called these opulent suites home. If Mike Tyson was knocked out by the surroundings, you may be too!

    Photo courtesy of Phulay Bay

  • A Pool at Your Door at the Siam Kempinski

    In Thailand, you can even combine an island getaway with never even leaving the city. At the regal Siam Kempinski in central Bangkok, many of the rooms and suites open directly into the large winding swimming pool that flows throughout the hotel courtyard. Midnight dips from your balcony are de rigueur!

    Photo courtesy of Siam Kempinski

  • A Seaside Retreat in the Heart of Bangkok

    Even though the hotel sits at the back of Asia's top designer shopping mall, the Siam Paragon, set smack in the heart of downtown, it feels worlds away from this, and feels far more like a dreamy island getaway, with plenty of leisure facilities and an abundance of gardens, fountains, and pools to make guests forget that they are anywhere near a metropolis.

    Photo courtesy of Siam Kempinski

  • Molecular Gastronomy at Sra Bua

    While visiting the Siam Kempinski, make sure to treat yourself to a luxury meal that won't be easily forgotten. The award winning Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin Thai restaurant specializes in molecular style gastronomy, serving up Thai creations in a way that will turn your head. Danish chef Henrik Yde-Andersen is also the man behind Kiin Kiin in Copenhagen, the only Michelin starred Thai restaurant in the world, and his culinary magic is something that all luxury food lovers should experience.

    Photo courtesy of Siam Kempinski