Weird and Unusual Hotels Around the World

  • Jumbo Stay in Stockholm, Sweden

    You won't need a first class ticket to get a good night's sleep on this airplane. Jumbo Stay, a grounded and renovated jumbo jet, has been outfitted with comfortable hostel-style accommodation right at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. It doesn't get much more convenient than that.

    Photo courtesy of Lioba Schneider- Jumbo Stay

  • V8 Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany

    Car enthusiasts are sure to have sweet dreams when staying at the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart, because every automobile-themed room comes equipped with an adult-sized car bed. Highlights include the Mercedes, Morris Minor and VW-themed rooms. Be sure to stop in to the adjacent classic cars showroom.

    Photo courtesy of V8 Hotel

  • Elkep Evi Cave Boutique Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey

    The quirky Elkep Evi Cave Boutique Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey is carved into the volcanic cliffs and seems to blend right in with the surrounding scenery. Perhaps what is most unusual about the hotel is that – in Cappadocia at least – it isn't that unusual. The area is famous for its cave hotels.

    Photo courtesy of Elkep Evi Cave Boutique Hotel

  • Salt & Sill, Sweden

    Salt & Sill opened Sweden's first floating hotel in 2008, and today, guests continue to fall asleep to the sound of gently lapping waves. Perched on its own pontoon, the Salt & Sill Hotel also operates a floating restaurant and the world's fastest floating sauna for those looking for some relaxation on the go.

    Photo courtesy of Salt & Sill

  • Quinta Real Zacatecas, Mexico

    In the world of repurposed hotels, Quinta Real Zacatecas takes the bull by the horns. This Mexican accommodation is built inside a resorted nineteenth century San Pedro bullfighting stadium. What was once a raucous, bloody arena is now a serene, flower-filled colonial patio, perfect for enjoying an afternoon glass of wine.

    Photo courtesy of nmarritz

  • Hotel Marqués de Riscal in Rioja Alavesa, Spain

    The Frank Gehry-designed Hotel Marqués de Riscal can be described in the same manner as many of Gehry's works of art: bizarre. The curves and colors of the exterior look like something out of a surrealist painting, but inside, each multi-angled room offers plentiful natural light and amazing views.

    Photo courtesy of Hotel Marqués de Riscal

  • The Mine Suite

    Sala Silvermine, Sweden

    You probably shouldn't stay in the Mine Suite at the Sala Silvermine, billed as the world's deepest hotel room. Located over 500 underground in a restored silver mine, the Mine Suite offers the ultimate level of seclusion, as cell phones won't work so deep down.

    Photo courtesy of Sala Silvermine

  • EcoCamp Patagoniaa in Chile

    EcoCamp Patagonia is the first fully sustainable accommodation option in the Torres del Paine National Park region. Each geodesic dome allows you to fall asleep with views of the snowcapped peaks, and when you wake up, the trail is practically right at your doorstep.

    Photo courtesy of EcoCamp Patagonia

  • Hotel Grotta Palazzese in Polignano a Mare, Italy

    A stay at the Hotel Grotto Palazzese will help you tap into your inner cave man, as the entire structure is carved from the limestone cliffs overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The restaurants, located within a natural limestone cavern, is one of the most romantic on earth.

    Photo courtesy of Hotel Grotta Palazzese

  • Palacio de Sal, Bolivia

    Located on the shores of Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni, the Palacio de Sal is made from around a million blocks of compressed salt sourced locally from the world's largest salt flat. Besides the walls, the hotel's beds, tables, chairs and sculptures are all made from salt.

    Photo courtesy of Palacio de Sal Hotel