10 Grand Prix Locations You Must See

  • Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Singapore
  • Austin, Texas
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Monza, Italy
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Silverstone, England
  • Shanghai, China
  • Grand Prix are Breathtaking World Spectacles

    Grand Prix are Breathtaking World Spectacles

    Grand Prix events have been held across the globe for over one hundred years and Formula One has been sanctioning them for over sixty. Every Grand Prix event is like a miniature world's fair and each event that takes place is more exotic than the last.

    Photo courtesy of Monaco Press Centre Photos

  • Bird's eye view of Monte Carlo

    Monte Carlo, Monaco

    Monaco is often referred to as the playground of the rich, and rightly so. This tiny kingdom boasts the highest population density and the highest GDP per capita of Europe. Monaco possesses less than a square mile of terrain on the French Riviera, so F1 races - through its narrow winding streets and past casinos and yacht clubs -are truly breathtaking. 

    Photo courtesy of Monaco Press Centre Photos

  • Singapore skyline


    Located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, dazzling Singapore is a city-state comprised of sixty-three islands. This Asian city is often compared to Monaco, and like the principality, the race is held in the streets of the city center. Singapore is one of the world's most spectacular cities to see at night, and F1 recognizes this by hosting the race under the colorful city lights in the late evening.

    Photo courtesy of Erwin Soo

  • South Congress food truck

    Austin, Texas

    The historic capital of Texas, Austin is well known for its live music and commitment to "keeping it weird."  In 2012, the city hosted the first United States Grand Prix in half a decade at its new racing facility, The Circuit of the Americas. There are almost limitless options of things to see and do in downtown and the beautiful nearby "hill country." 

    Photo courtesy of Evan Bench

  • F-1 Barcelona

    Barcelona, Spain

    Originally founded by the Roman Empire, Formula One host city Barcelona withstood the test of time, becoming one of the major cities of Europe.  Renowned for its art and architecture, the Mediterranean port city is rife with history, culture, and medieval architecture.  There are plenty of reasons to take in the city before you make your way to the Circuit de Catalunya.

    Photo courtesy of Jose Maria Mi?arro Vivancos

  • Old Montreal

    Montreal, Canada

    Canada's bilingual cultural capital plays host to one of F1's most exciting races via Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Île Notre-Dame. Montreal is no stranger to hosting international events: the city hosted the 1976 Summer Olympic Games and it boasts some of the world's finest art museums. The architecture of the city is heavily influenced by European locales, so Montreal is as close as one can get to the old world without flying across the pond.

    Photo courtesy of Tourisme Quebec

  • Federation Square

    Melbourne, Australia

    Melbourne is Australia's second largest city and holds the honor of kicking off the Formula One season by racing through Albert Park Lake Parkway. Melbourne is to Australia as Hollywood is to the US. It is the center of Australia film, television, music, and even dance. If you want to know what's going on in 'the land down under,' it's best to have your finger on the pulse of Melbourne.

    Photo courtesy of Mark Chew - Tourism Victoria

  • Monza Duomo

    Monza, Italy

    Monza hosts one of the most prestigious races on the F1 calendar at the sport's fastest track: Autodromo Nazionale Monza. Located in northen Italy, Monza became a city of high importance during the middle ages. As one may expect, the city is home to numerous historic cathedrals and chapels. Anyone who is a fan of medieval and Mediterranean architecture will love a walking tour of Monza and its beautiful cityscape.

    Photo courtesy of Ezio Bonsi

  • Independence Park

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Sao Paulo is the financial center of Brazil as well as for all of South America. The largest city on the continent in both population and geographic size, Sao Paulo offers immense variety of things to do and see as well as some of the most impressive structures anywhere in Latin America. Its F1 race is held on the purpose-built race track Autódromo José Carlos Pace.

    Photo courtesy of Rodrigo Soldon

  • Nearby town of Towcester

    Silverstone, England

    The Silverstone Circuit was built upon an abandoned Royal Air Force base constructed during World War II. It's surrounded by rich farmlands and green countryside. However, London is less than a two-hour drive away, and the major UK city of Birmingham is just one hour away, making Silverstone's pastoral setting easy to reach.

    Photo courtesy of Cj1340

  • Shanghai skyline

    Shanghai, China

    With a population of 23 million, Shanghai is easily the biggest city in China and also serves as the busiest port city in the world.  Booking a flight to Shanghai and getting to the track is a mostly painless affair. Shanghai has a New York-like approach to 'life in the big city' and - as on the track - everything is fast and intense.  It's perfectly suited for an F1 experience.  

    Photo courtesy of Mike Behnken


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