10Best Beautiful Natural Pools

  • Devil's Pool - Victoria Falls, Zambia

    Devil's Pool might just be the world's most insane infinity pool. This aptly named natural rock pool sits perched at the top of Victoria Falls, and during dry season, it's safe enough to swim right up to the edge and gaze down at the 300-foot drop. Jumping into this pool definitely requires a leap of faith!

    Photo courtesy of joepyrek

  • Hamilton Pool - Austin

    Hamilton Pool, a favored local swimming hole in Texas Hill Country near Austin, was formed when an underground river collapsed due to erosion many thousands of years ago. Today, a 45-foot waterfall plunges into a stunning shaded grotto, creating the perfect setting for cooling off during the hot and humid Texas summers.

    Photo courtesy of Kevin Muncie

  • Ik Kil Cenote - Chichen Itza

    If you're in need of some refreshment after touring the ruins of Chichen Itza, take a plunge in the Ik Kil Cenote. This picturesque natural sinkhole, with greenery and trickles of water hanging all the way down, rivals the beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula as a beautiful place to swim.

    Photo courtesy of Ken Marshall

  • Havasu Falls - Arizona

    The colors of Havasu Falls, the hidden gem of the Grand Canyon, have to be seen to be believed. After hiking to the falls beneath the Arizona sun, a swim in the blue-green waters of the wide pool at its base will be both welcome and well-earned.

    Photo courtesy of David Crowther/iStock

  • To Sua Ocean Trench - Samoa

    To Sua translates loosely to "big hole," and while that's true, To Sua Ocean Trench in Samoa is much too pretty to be called a mere hole. A ladder takes visitors down to the surface of the perfectly clear, aquamarine sea water surrounding by lush greenery - the ultimate jungle swimming pool!

    Photo courtesy of Dave Lonsdale

  • Dudu Blue Lagoon - Dominican Republic

    There are no shortage of beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic, but one of the Caribbean country's most scenic swimming spots isn't a beach; it's the Dudu Blue Lagoon. The crystal clear waters of this cenote are cooler than the nearby beaches, and while you can climb down a small staircase to the water, it's much more fun to grab a rope, swing out and drop down into the refreshing water.

    Photo courtesy of Lucy Kalantari

  • Blue Lagoon - Iceland

    The milky blue waters of Iceland's famous Blue Lagoon are both surreal and refreshing - but not because they're cold. Quite the opposite. Iceland gets chilly, and the geothermal heated sea waters of the Blue Lagoon create one of the country's most popular ways to warm up, no matter the season.

    Photo courtesy of clry2

  • Kuang Si Falls - Laos

    The multi-tiered Kuang Si Falls, located just outside Luang Prabang in Laos, are worthy of a visit just for a photo op, but once you get there, it's hard to resist taking a dip in the unbelievably turquoise waters.

    Photo courtesy of Daniel Martins

  • Hinatuan River - Philippines

    The Hinatuan River, located in Surigao del Sur in the southernmost part of the Philippines, is nicknamed the Enchanted River because its perfectly clear, brilliantly blue salt waters seem to spring miraculously out of nowhere. No one's quite sure where the water originates from, but visitors come from around the world to swim in it.

    Photo courtesy of jojoscope

  • The Grotto - Ontario

    Visitors to Ontario's Bruce Peninsula National Park can cool off in a cave swimming pool known as The Grotto. It took the Georgian Bay thousands of years to carve out this natural swimming hole, but it takes travelers only 30 minutes to hike there, making it one of the park's most popular points of interest.

    Photo courtesy of Mike Gifford