10Best Skis Norway

  • Family-Friendly
  • Snowboarders Welcome Too
  • Cross-Country Skiing Everywhere You Look
  • Try Telemark
  • Laid-Back Apres-Ski
  • Pistes for All Levels
  • The Lovely Lofoten Islands
  • Ski Year-Round
  • Fast Lifts, No Lines
  • Skiing at Dyrhaugsryggen

    Long Season, Beautiful Scenery

    What better way to enjoy Norway's stunning natural beauty than through its national sport: skiing. Most ski resorts in the United States feel blessed if they manage to squeeze in a four-month season. At Norway's dozens of resorts, six months in the norm with guaranteed snow the entire time.

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  • Kids relaxing in Hemsedal


    Norway's resorts offer excellent kid-friendly facilities, including ski schools with instructors fluent in English. Hemsedal's children's area is the largest in the country, and includes an outdoor activity area with tobogganing and a carousel as well as an indoor childcare area for your little ones too young to ski.

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  • Catching air in Trysil

    Snowboarders Welcome Too

    Skiing may be the winter sport of choice among Norwegians, but snowboarders are always welcome. Some of the best boarding action goes down at Oslo Winter Park, located a few minutes outside the city center. For kids learning the sport, Geilo has a child-dedicated park with a half-pipe, rails and a fun box.

    Photo courtesy of Skistar Trysil

  • Cross-country skiing near Lillehammer

    Cross-Country Skiing Everywhere You Look

    You don't really need a resort to enjoy cross-country skiing, especially in a place with as much natural beauty as Norway. If you're having trouble picking a spot, try Nordseter near Lillehammer, one of Northern Europe's best Nordic skiing areas. Another popular area, Jotunheimen, boasts nearly 200 miles of cross-country tracks open until early summer.

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  • Telemark skiing at Småtindan, Lofoten in Nordland

    Try Telemark

    Telemark skiing – a variation of the sport using a shorter ski and a boot only attached at the toe – got its start in Norway and remains popular at nearly all the country's resorts. Rental shops throughout the country stock modern equipment for rent if you choose to give telemark skiing a try.

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  • Geilo

    Laid-Back Apres-Ski

    Unlike many mega-resorts in Europe, the Norwegian ski scene is a bit more laid-back and relaxed. You'll find plenty of off-slope action no matter which resort you choose, and accommodation ranges from locally owned lodges to luxury chalets. When you're not skiing, try dog-sledding, tobogganing or ice skating.

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  • Jumping in Hafjell

    Pistes for All Levels

    Norefjell, site of the Alpine skiing events during the 1952 Winter Olympics in Oslo, offers some of the best vericals in the country for expert skiers looking for an adrenaline rush. With 51 slopes and 24 lifts, Hemsedal is also considered one of the best options in the country for beginners and experts alike.

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  • Skiing in Svolvaer, Lofoten

    The Lovely Lofoten Islands

    Skiing on an island may sound weird, but the Lofoten Islands – considered some of the most beautiful in the world – offer steep slopes overlooking fjords below. At night, you can see the Northern Lights paint the skies above the area's small fishing villages. If you need a break from skiing, you can also surf in Lofoten, but we'd suggest bringing a wetsuit.

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  • Woman skiing at Hafjell Alpinsenter

    Ski Year-Round

    Most of Norway's ski areas operate from November through April, but even summer travelers can hit the slopes at some of Norway's high altitude resorts. If you really want to get in some mid-summer skiing, Stryn, Galdhøpiggen and Folgefonna are your best bets.

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  • Oslo winter park, Tryvann

    Fast Lifts, No Lines

    Stunning scenery, six months of excellent snow and a welcoming culture...add to that fast, state-of-the-art lifts and hardly any wait in lift lines, and Norway sounds too good to be true. If you don't believe it, see for yourself.

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