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It's almost spring, and that means the Super Bowl is behind us (go Eagles!) while spring training and March Madness are fast approaching. It's an exciting time for sports fans, and we at 10Best want to celebrate these epic athletic battles by finding the best in the world of sports – the best movies, traditions, must-see stadiums, attractions, stadium foods and colleges for sports fans.

Help us pick our winners by voting for your favorites once per day in each category until voting ends on Monday, March 5 at noon ET. The top 10 winners in each category will be announced on 10Best on Friday, March 9.

Best Attraction for Sports Fans

Louisville Slugger Museum — Photo courtesy of Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau

From museums to legendary filming locations, these 20 attractions bring sports fans closer to the action as they pay homage to the people, places and big moments that make sports so compelling. Which sports attraction is your favorite?

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Best College for Sports Fans

Which sports-centric university do you cheer for? — Photo courtesy of iStock / Steve Debenport

For athletes and non-athletes alike, the college experience – with its mascots, marching bands and longstanding traditions – often breeds lifelong loyalty in fans. So which American college or university offers the best fan experience for sports enthusiasts?

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Best Must-See Stadium

Nothing beats the thrill of the crowd at a live game — Photo courtesy of iStock / Sucek

For a serious sports fan, nothing beats the thrill of stepping into a legendary stadium where iconic players have created those big, game-winning moments. From the NFL to the NCAA, these 20 stadiums, fieldhouses and arenas represent the best in North America – venues that belong on any sports lover's bucket list. 

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Best Sports Movie

Greatest sports film of all time? You decide! — Photo courtesy of iStock / rez-art

"Yo, Adrian!"

"If you build it, he will come."

"There's no crying in baseball."

What do these quotes have in common? They come from some of the greatest sports movies ever made. Whether about baseball, boxing, basketball or the chase for Olympic glory, these films have us cheering our heroes of the silver screen on toward victory.

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Best Sports Tradition

Team loyalty has generated some very bizarre traditions — Photo courtesy of Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Sports and tradition have long gone hand in hand, and many of the country's top teams – collegiate and professional alike – have their own unique traditions both on and off the field.

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Best Stadium Food

Ballparks and arenas around the nation are elevating their food game — Photo courtesy of iStock / Fertnig

While peanuts, Cracker Jacks and hot dogs remain game day staples at stadiums and arenas across the continent, fans these days are treated to a whole range of creative culinary offerings. These 20 stadium foods, found at NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB venues in North America, represent some of the best bites in sports. Which has your mouth watering?

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