10 Gadgets to Take On Your Next Trip

  • TruFob Wireless Tracking Tag
  • Neso Tents
  • Zolt Laptop Charger Plus
  • Olive & Cocoa Hayden Leather Charging Clutch
  • NIXY Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
  • LifeProof Fre Phone Case
  • Tep Wireless
  • FixnZip
  • My Passport Ultra
  • Enhance the way you capture your memories

    360fly 4K Camera

    As you head outdoors this spring, the 360fly 4K camera lets you truly capture – and relive – that breathtaking triumphant view. Whether from the summit you finally reached, the heart-pounding atmosphere of the marathon you ran or the simple joy of a day at the beach with your family, it's your memory and it's worth capturing.
    Its all-seeing lens records everything happening around the camera, creating a fully interactive 360-degree video. Immerse yourself in the content or pair with a VR viewer for a virtual reality experience.
    Features including AutoPilot tracking, a Highlight Reel and a front-facing mode so you can use it as a traditional point-and-shoot camera.

    Photo courtesy of 360fly

  • So those who wander don't get lost

    TruFob Wireless Tracking Tag

    The TruFob Wireless Tracking Tag attaches to your luggage - so when the airline tells you they can’t find one of your bags, you can just pull out your iPhone and show them where it is.
    Download the app and the Tracking Tag will keep tabs on the valuables of your choice... whether luggage or something more mobile, like children!

    Photo courtesy of Portmantos

  • Made in the Shade

    Neso Tents

    Switch out that old school beach umbrella for one of these smartly-designed stakeless sunshades from Neso.
    At under four pounds (with a mini version weighing in under two pounds coming this summer), this portable tent, available in a variety of sophisticated colors and tropical patterns, is the easiest way to bring your own shade – and UPF 50+ skin protection – to any outdoor activity. 

    Photo courtesy of Neso Tents

  • Charge It!

    Zolt Laptop Charger Plus

    Laptop chargers take up a lot of valuable space when you’re trying to travel light. The Zolt Laptop Charger Plus, the world’s smallest and lightest multi-device laptop adapter, literally takes the weight off your shoulders.
    Compatible with a wide variety of Macs and PCs, it enables you to charge three devices at once and at the same rate as their native chargers.
    UL certified for safety, Zolt fits neatly into a wall socket and rotates 90 degrees to allow for additional room. 

    Photo courtesy of Zolt

  • How to charge your phone in a clutch

    Olive & Cocoa Hayden Leather Charging Clutch

    It’s hard to look stylish when you’re lugging around clunky chargers, so opt for this gorgeous Olive & Cocoa Hayden Leather Charging Clutch, which not only looks good on the outside but is smart on the inside.
    Slipped into its own interior zipper pocket, a battery with LED power level indicator powers up any smartphone, tablet or other USB or MicroUSB compatible devices up to two full charges.
    Roomy enough for other necessities, and equipped with credit card slots and a zip coin pocket, this wristlet is the perfect combination of beauty and brains.

    Photo courtesy of Olive & Cocoa

  • Bring your own board

    NIXY Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

    Designed in Southern California – where they know water, dude – these great-looking paddle boards from NIXY are easy to carry anywhere, taking up very little room and taking less than ten minutes to inflate or deflate.
    Imagine heading to the Caribbean or exploring the lakes, channels and rivers of Europe with one of these beauties. The high-quality paddle boards come in sizes and styles for every age and skill level, and turn any trip into an adventure. 

    Photo courtesy of NIXY

  • Lifeproof your phone!

    LifeProof Fre Phone Case

    If you can’t be trusted not to drop your phone in the safety of your own home, what’s going to happen when you take it on a big adventure? Protect it – and your sanity – with a Frē phone case from the aptly-named Lifeproof.
    This surprisingly sleek and light case is waterproof, dirtproof and snowproof so you can feel safe taking it with you, whether you’re scaling mountain peaks, racing desert dunes or paddling coastal breaks.
    And, even if you’re just sitting on a tour bus, you can relax. The case is also drop-proof for drops of up to 6.6 feet.

    Photo courtesy of LifeProof

  • Your own personal hot spot

    Tep Wireless

    Because the idea of not having WiFi is terrifying – especially in a foreign country – Tep is a game-changer. This handheld device is a 3G modem which works like any other WiFi hotspot, with a few crucial differences.
    First, it comes with its own personal password, which means no worries about unsafe free public WiFi.
    Second, it works in more than 80 destinations around the world, so you don’t have to change out SIM cards.
    Third, it’s way less expensive than trying to negotiate a plan with your phone company.
    Right now, Tep is rental only... but it's proving so popular with travelers, look for it on store shelves soon. 

    Photo courtesy of Tep Wireless

  • A broken zipper will no longer ruin your trip


    You probably don’t think about it, but trips are often ruined by simple broken zippers: on tents, on sleeping bags, on jackets, on suitcases, on pants.
    The ingenious little FixnZip, which repairs zippers without requiring any other tools, is a must-pack any time your essential equipment contains a zipper.
    Available in small, medium and large, each fits a wide range of sizes and can be taken off one item and reused on another, regardless of the style.
    It’s no wonder it won the Outdoor Industry Award for Accessories. 

    Photo courtesy of FixnZip

  • Don't leave home without your Passport

    My Passport Ultra

    Everybody knows you have to back up your photos. But when you’re traveling, especially in remote locations, that can be an impossible task.
    The My Passport Ultra is a portable hard drive that provides automatic backup for all of those irreplaceable pictures and videos. It’s slim and light, and its high capacity storage has plenty of room - for photos, music, movies and TV shows.

    Photo courtesy of My Passport Ultra