10Best Overnight Bags For Stylish Jetsetters

  • ESCAPE Canvas Utility Bag by Forestbound

    Forestbound is a small studio in Somerville, Massachusetts, launched by local designer Alice Saunders. In her studio, she uses only found and salvaged textiles (think old feed sacks, bandanas, and lumber aprons), a commitment that came about largely because of her love for military history and surplus. The idea for Forestbound sprouted when she spotted a WWII era duffle bag at a flea market. "The ESCAPE Canvas Utility Bag ($99) is our reinvention of a vintage canvas bag that we found at a local flea market a number of years ago and couldn't get out of our heads," says Alice. We think the made-in-America bag is perfect for inspiring an impromptu road trip and collecting stories of your own.  

    Photo courtesy of Alice Saunders

  • Military Duffle Bag by Whipping Post

    Georgia-born founder Ryan Barr started Whipping Post as a respite from a not-so-fruitful career in the music industry. The line, comprised mainly of rugged and durable leather goods, started out as solely guitar-related products (think a wallet that has a pouch that holds a guitar pick perfectly) and took off from there. The Military Duffle Bag ($339) was inspired by an old canvas military bag that Ryan's dad had around for years. The top-load design is unique, for sure, but ideal for a no-fuss weekend away and tough enough to handle some wear-and-tear. 

    Photo courtesy of Scott Gold

  • Martin Travel Bag by Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger (M.K.R.T.)

    Harvard-trained architect Tom Penn launched Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger (M.R.K.T) in 2010, a line inspired by the architecture that surrounds us. "Our products are designed very similarly to how an architect would design a building. They are conceptual, practical, flexible, and very clean," says M.R.K.T. The Martin Travel Bag ($155) is a convenient mix between a briefcase and an overnighter, ideal for business travel. The bag comes in three colors (grey, blue, and green) and features a smooth and polished look with a touch of funk with a felt body and neon green zippers. 

    Photo courtesy of Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger

  • Canvas & Leather Traveler Duffle by WILL Leather Goods

    This bag is nothing if not handsome. The Eugene, Oregon, based company ran by founder Will Adler is the ultimate in well-built and long-lasting accessories for stylish jetsetters. Here, their Canvas & Leather Traveler Duffle ($395) is part of their signature collection. The bag, constructed of vegetable tanned bridle leather and sturdy cotton canvas, is hard to dirty up since it's so good looking, but that's exactly what they want you to do. The company even offers a lifetime guarantee to prove it.  

    Photo courtesy of Will Leather Goods

  • The Amsterdam by Venque

    Founded in 2011 by two Toronto, Canada-based brothers, Viktor and Simon, Venque is a line of bags that can best be described as sturdy and resourceful. The Amsterdam ($105, in grey or black) serves many functions. Inside, small pockets for odds and ends, a protected (and removable) sleeve for a laptop, and a dedicated pen and pencil holder. On the outside, several pockets that can hold items that need to be easily accessed. It can hold a laptop and a change of clothes for overnight travel, or remove the laptop sleeve for extra room. The bag, with its unique slanted leather top, has proven to be a conversation starter on the streets. 

    Photo courtesy of Venque

  • No. 3 Grip by Col. Littleton

    In Lynnville, Tennessee, about an hour outside of Nashville, the Colonel Littleton brand has been thriving since 1987 when he launched with a pair of vintage cuff links. If you're looking for quality American-made products that tell a story, look no further. Each handcrafted bag features rich leather and the nostalgic feeling of quality workmanship. The No. 3 Grip ($915) is one of our favorites. The bag, inspired by the "travelers of yesteryear" that made ground via stagecoach or train, is strong and strapping with antiquated finishings. Solid copper tubes and brass fixtures give it a bit of a shine, while dry-milled leather offers a dapper exterior. It comes with straps to secure an umbrella and a brass plate with a serial number to thrawt any doubters of its exclusivity. A second brass plate comes engraved with the travelers initials. This is truly a statement piece that should be passed down through the generations.   

    Photo courtesy of Col. Littleton

  • Topo X Woolrich Duffel by a collaboration between Topo Designs and Woolrich

    Colorado-based Topo Designs paired up with Woolrich, the definitive makers of outdoor gear, for this bag ($198) reminiscent of an old-school boxing duffel. The outside is made with Woolrich wool and comes in three colors (charcoal, natural, and buffalo plaid). The interior, with just two large pockets for stashing valuables, is lined with nylon pack cloth and perfect for the traveler that likes to just throw some items into a bag and go. The result is a durable and easy-to-carry bag that is tough enough to be tossed into the back of a truck or squished under a seat. We love it for its athletic simplicity.  

    Photo courtesy of Topo Designs

  • Carry On Suitcase by Hard Graft

    This London-based company was started by two friends who had extensive roots in the fashion and art worlds. Those worlds collide perfectly in the Carry On Suitcase ($1,085) with a sleek, paired-down exterior made of handpicked hides and a minimal well-thought-out interior lined in British wool. Inside you'll find perfectly placed pockets and straps to keep your goodies from shifting during transportation. The beauty of this bag comes in its easy-does-it approach to great design. This is the perfect overnighter for anyone that loves a clean and clutter-free aesthetic.  

    Photo courtesy of Hard Graft

  • Weekender Bag by Birdling Bags

    When two best friends, and mothers, realized the need for a weekender that would keep the massive amounts of stuff you need when you have children organized, the idea for Birdling was birthed. Their Weekender Bag ($225) is huge, no doubt, but it comes with convenient dividers that compartmentalize the interior for easy organization. The water-repellent canvas exterior is easy to spot clean, as it will need to be (you know this if you've ever traveled with children). Leave the gaudy diaper bags at home.  

    Photo courtesy of Audrey Blake Photography

  • Traveler Suitcase by Chief Trunk

    The signature red-and-yellow stripe motif of Oshkosh Trunk Company was once the pin-pointable indicator of a stylish traveler. The brand dried up and was inactive for quite a few years until Konrad Duchek and his partners revived the collection after finding a vintage Oshkosh bag in a Parisian market. The Traveler Suitcase ($995) combines the double-stripe trademark look with leather and brass accents, and features adjustable leather interior straps that keep contents from shifting mid-flight. We have no doubts the brand will once again stand as the icon of a stylish lot. 

    Photo courtesy of Chief Trunk