The Best Technology Gadgets to Take Holiday Shopping

Let Technology Help You Shop This Holiday Season
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be cold and seriously inhospitable out there. Wherever you’re traveling for your holiday shopping spree, you’ll have a better trip if you’re equipped with the right technology. We’ve got some gadgets and apps that will help you stay warm and shop smartly this winter.


Tooks Headphone Beanies keep your head warm, while you listen to your favorite music. — Photo courtesy of Tooks

Tooks Headphone Beanies ($25-$30)

Whether you have a Christmas album on repeat or you’re trying to drown out the seasonal in-store muzak, a headphone beanie from Tooks is going to do the trick. These stylish winter hats will keep your head warm, and they have compact speakers built-in so you can keep the tunes playing. A standard 3.5-mm plug connection allows you to plug straight into your smartphone. The cords are removable, so you can wash the beanie when you need to. You’ll find a range of designs and colors.

Keep your hands toasty without sacrificing the usability of your touchscreen with NuTouch Gloves. — Photo courtesy of NuTouch

NuTouch Gloves ($20)

If you’re at a winter market in Europe or pounding the streets of New York in search of the perfect present, you’ll want to make sure that you have gloves on. The trouble is touchscreens don’t tend to respond well to gloved hands. That’s why NuTouch invented these cozy gloves that have special tips on the fingers that will work with your touchscreen. Now you can use your phone outdoors without taking your gloves off.

Pack a Pebble Smartstick Portable Charger so your smartphone doesn't leave you out in the cold. — Photo courtesy of Pebble

Pebble Smartstick Portable Charger ($48)

The last thing you need during a holiday season shopping trip or a winter break is for your smartphone to run out of juice. How are you going to navigate, keep in touch with your family or friends and check your gift list? Pop one of these portable chargers in your pocket or purse, and you’ll be able to quickly recharge. It comes in black or silver and it contains a 2800mAh battery and a protective screw cap for a USB plug.

The Christmas List app will help you budget and organize Santa's list. — Photo courtesy of

The Christmas List ($2)

Are you sure you remembered to get a gift for everyone? Have you spent the full budget for all the kids, and did you spend the same amount on each one? This handy iOS app helps you to stay organized with your Christmas gift list, allowing you to add photos and budget for all the special people in your life, track exactly how much you’ve spent on each one and sync via AirDrop or email. You can even protect the list by password or Touch ID, so no one can get a sneak peek at your plans.

Now you have everything you need for a successful holiday shopping trip. Happy holidays!


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