10Best Scents to Bring Back Vacation Memories

Is that a trip I smell?
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Scientists have shown that smell inspires our strongest memories.  Because of this, Demeter Fragrance Library has created scents like Ocean, Frozen Pond and Steam Room to transport you right back to your favorite vacation spots. Keep these fragrances in your cubicle drawer for those times you just need to escape.


Photo courtesy of Demeter Fragrance Library

1. New Zealand

Photo courtesy of Tom Hall

Lush, loamy and as fantastical as the land of Hobbits itself.

2. Christmas in NY

Photo courtesy of Anthony Quintano

A blend of Rockefeller Center tree and chestnuts roasting on an open street cart.

3. Earl Grey Tea

Photo courtesy of Laura D'Alessandro

The British know there’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a good cup of tea.

4. Giant Sequoia

 Photo courtesy of David J Laporte

An awe-inspiring and majestic reminder to put your problems in perspective.

5. Holy Water

Photo courtesy of Giorgio Galeotti

Visiting the Vatican was literally a religious experience.

6. Provence Meadow

Photo courtesy of decar66

Rich and heady herbs in a stylish mix only the French can pull off.

7. Sex on the Beach South Beach

 Photo courtesy of Luci Correia

Drink in the sensual culture with a Latin beat and a little paper umbrella.

8. Fiery Curry

Photo courtesy of decar66

That Thai chili whose spicy taste still lingers.

9. Lava Rock

Photo courtesy of Sheila Sund

The earthiness of Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park without the threat of eruption.

10. Mildew

Photo courtesy of Lauren Mitchell

Sometimes the best memories come from the worst hole-in-the-walls.


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