January's Hottest Destinations

  • Key West - Seafood and Sunshine
  • Washington, DC - Museum-Hopping
  • Scottsdale - Golf Getaway
  • Park City - Olympic Fever
  • Rome - All to Yourself
  • Memphis - Elvis Lives On
  • Chicago - Festivals and Off-Season Savings
  • Fort Worth - Cowboys and Rodeos
  • Puerto Rico - Caribbean Escape
  • Tahoe, a Winter Wonderland

    Tahoe, a Winter Wonderland

    Both North and South Tahoe rank among the best ski destinations in the United States, thanks to miles upon miles of groomers, pistes and back-country terrain at over a dozen resorts complemented by excellent views of the country's second deepest lake. The aprés-ski is just as good as the outdoor sports, with casinos, pubs and microbreweries aplenty on both the North and South sides.

    Photo courtesy of Purestock/Thinkstock

  • Key West - Seafood and Sunshine

    Key West - Seafood and Sunshine

    With the holidays come and gone, sometimes the winter blues start to creep in. Travelers in need of some vitamin D and relaxation on the beach need not leave the country. Sunny Key West beckons with its stunning sunsets, plentiful beaches, key lime pie and fresh seafood. Visit the third weekend in January for the 9th annual Florida Keys Seafood Festival.

    Photo courtesy of Ed Schipul

  • Washington, DC - Museum-Hopping

    Washington, DC - Museum-Hopping

    Temperatures may be chilly in Washington, DC in January, but that's just more reason to explore the city's plentiful indoor attractions, including some of the world's top museums. With thin crowds during the coldest month of the year, you'll likely find bargains on accommodation and post-holiday sales throughout the city.

    Photo courtesy of Don DeBold

  • Scottsdale - Golf Getaway

    Scottsdale - Golf Getaway

    Tee off in the Valley of the Sun in January, and you'll be golfing alongside the best as Scottsdale welcomes the WM Phoenix Open, the biggest tournament on the PGA Tour. When you're not on the green, mild winter weather in the greater Phoenix area makes for excellent outdoor shopping weather to take advantage of those post-holiday sales.

    Photo courtesy of Dru Bloomfield

  • Park City - Olympic Fever

    Park City - Olympic Fever

    The Olympic trials for the US ski team have us pumped up about Park City. Snow sport enthusiasts who aren't on the road to Sochi can still show off their best moves at the resorts in and around Park City this January, and if that's not enough skiable terrain for you, award-winning Salt Lake City has its own slew of ski runs just minutes away.

    Photo courtesy of Rudi Riet

  • Rome - All to Yourself

    Rome - All to Yourself

    Seasoned travelers know that winter is the best time to visit the Eternal City, when crowds are long gone and colors become more vivid in the crisp winter air. On the day of Epiphany, the first Monday in January and the twelfth day of Christmas, you might get lucky and spot the new Pope saying morning mass at St. Peter's Basilica.

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  • The Jungle Room in Graceland

    Memphis - Elvis Lives On

    There's no better time to visit Memphis and pay tribute to The King than January, Elvis's birthday month. January also kicks off a full year of events and festivities celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll – the anniversary of when the first Elvis tune hit the radio in 1954.

    Photo courtesy of Scott Gulbransen

  • Chicago - Festivals and Off-Season Savings

    Chicago - Festivals and Off-Season Savings

    January is off-season in the Windy City, and that means savings for the budget-minded traveler willing to bundle up and brave the cold. Chicago offers myriad ways to raise your body temperature, including ice skating in Millennium Park, a slew of top notch (and heated) museums and the annual Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, the largest of its kind in the country.

    Photo courtesy of Cesar Russ Photography

  • Longhorn cattle at the Fort Worth Stockyards

    Fort Worth - Cowboys and Rodeos

    Put on your cowboy boots and head to Fort Worth this January to experience the Fort Worth Stockyards national historic district at its best. During the annual Stock Show and Rodeo, more than 1 million visitors will head to Texas to watch the parades, shows, rodeos and other special activities during the 118-year-old event.

    Photo courtesy of longhorndave

  • Puerto Rico - Caribbean Escape

    Puerto Rico - Caribbean Escape

    One of the Caribbean's best islands, Puerto Rico has palm-lined white sand beaches, warm winter temperatures and a colorful historical center in San Juan, all within easy reach of the United States. You don't even need a passport to visit, which adds to the appeal of this winter getaway destination.

    Photo courtesy of Ron Reiring


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