10 of the most delicious places we've visited

Let your cravings be your guide

By 10Best Editors,

"Where should I go?" and "What should I eat?" are probably the most-asked questions when it comes to travel.  So, when it comes to something as important as food, why not really make the trip worth your while?

Here are 10 of the tastiest places we've visited in the last year.

1. West, Texas

The Czech Stop & Little Czech Bakery has been dishing out kolaches, kraut and klobasniki (Czech staples you’ve probably never heard of) to more than 600 hungry visitors a day for 29 years – all from a gas station on I-35.  What exactly makes this place so popular?

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2. New York

Whatever you're craving, New York's got it. The city has everything from Michelin-starred tasting menus to pizza for $1 a slice. And if you're looking for the cuisine of basically any country on the plant, you can find it in there. 

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3. Cincinnati 

Cincinnati chili, dubbed the "anti-foodie food," is resistant to the hipster revolution; unlike other regional dishes, there’s no real way to deconstruct it or make it sexy. The presentation is simple, its preparation involves little in the way of culinary skill and it's certainly not healthy.  So, why do we love it?

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4. Bangkok

Enjoy standout street food at Jay Fai — Photo courtesy of Michelin Guide Bangkok

Already known the world over for its spicy, flavor-packed cuisine, Bangkok has also become home to an explosion of world-class culinary talent. And now Michelin stars shine brightly over the city, ensuring that Thailand will be a major gastronomic tourism destination for years to come.

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5. Award-winning U.S. regions

Each year, the James Beard Foundation announces the best chef in each U.S. region.  These are the illustrious winners that are worth traveling for.

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6. Chicago

Garrett Popcorn shop in Millennium Park Plaza — Photo courtesy of Garrett Brands

Considered as much of a Chicago tradition as deep-dish pizza, Garrett popcorn is something that remains in the memories of all who visit.  But with their snack stores popping up all over the world, why are Chicagoans so possessive of the iconic brand?

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7. Orvieto, Italy

The small city of Orvieto is where you'll find the nondescript Trattoria La Mezza Luna, but you'll have to hunt for it.  Lacking an easy-to-spot sign, your only hint that you're in the right place might be the crowds of people consistently packed into this small eatery.  Add to that an owner whose behavior errs more on the side of impertinence, and you might wonder why anyone would even bother to come here in the first place. 

Well, because they might serve the best pasta you've ever had.

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8. Canada

Montreal bagels, unlike any bagels you've ever tasted — Photo courtesy of Flickr/TMAB2003

Canada's regional foods may not be as (perhaps annoyingly) ever-present as American fare, but that doesn't make them any less delectable. In fact, they might give American food a run for its money; butter-packed desserts, high-fat meats and cheese and gravy on potatoes are just a few of the things you'll find in these must-try dishes.

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9. St. Louis

It's not pretty and, in fact, it's fairly unassuming, but gooey butter cake has got a hold on St. Louis.  You'll find it all over the city in chic bistros and corner bakeries, with each place serving their own take.  But what exactly is it, and why is it so popular?

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10. Theme parks

It's okay to admit that you love going to theme parks for the food. In many cases, that is the actual theme. I mean, where else can you sample so many different treats in a tantalizing, technicolor assortment of flavors and unique presentations Here are 10 theme parks that will give your taste buds the ride of their lives.

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