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Cele and Lynn Seldon

About Cele and Lynn

Cele and Lynn Seldon have a love of travel. But they also have a passion for food. So, it’s not surprising that they have combined the two into a career of culinary travel writing for more than 25 years.

With foodie features on lots of tasty topics in publications like Plate, Taste of the South, Cruise Travel, TrailBlazer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, various in-flights, and many AAA magazines, the Seldons know a thing or two about iconic South Carolina dishes. 

Their book, 100 Things to Do in Charleston Before You Die, was published last year by Reedy Press. Follow along on their adventures at @seldonink.

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Cele and Lynn's Special Recommendations

"Shrimp and grits are as iconic as it gets in South Carolina. They are everywhere and you shouldn't leave the Palmetto State without sampling several."

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